Engage Your Customers While Growing A Handprint: Case Study Of Customer Acquisition & Achieving KPIs

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Case Study#1 Ultra Football

Snapshot of Handprint Imprint: Ultra Football increased cart conversion through Handprint regenerative business model and plugin.

Ultra Football is an Australia-based football fan paradise. Ultra Football is for those who love everything to do with the sport and want it to grow in popularity across Australia. While their two physical stores brought the energy and passion of the brand to life, they struggled to match it online. 

How Ultra Football Remains A Sustainable Company Prioritizing Customer Engagement

In today’s markets, customers want to shop with brands that mirror sustainable values. While clients can shop in physical stores and find out from associates brand values, how do they bring the same energy and customer acquisition online in their e-commerce division?

Ultra Football realized they could put a spotlight on their sustainable corporate goals and values as a way to differentiate them from competitors and simultaneously increase customer loyalty. 

The next question, how should regeneration fit into an already strong company brand and presence, was only a click away!

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A Handprint Solution That Regenerates The Planet

Handprint knows regeneration is best when integrated naturally into the clients’ present systems. For clients to thrive with Handprint technology, their needs, and sustainability tools should be inclusive and easily incorporated into their current business model.

Over 15 days, Handprint ran an A/B test for Ultra Football to get data-driven results in customer conversion. The tests would focus on an increase or decrease in spend whether the Handprint tool was visible during the shopping experience. The Handprint impact project badge was installed on the Ultra Football homepage, with a visible plugin on the cart-checkout menu. 

During this testing period, Ultra Football received 81,064 customer interactions. Customer interactions were split evenly with half of the traffic seeing communication about the company’s planet positive actions using Handprint’s content and the other half experiencing the regular website. The results were astonishing!

  • An observed conversion rate with Handprint integration at 1.28% which is a 16% increase 
  • Increase in average cart spend on Handprint integration sessions of $ 12.15 
  • Total revenue increase with Handprint integration of $18,261.89

The Key Takeaways: How Did Ultra Football Grow A Handprint?

Ultra Football never regretted integrating planet-positive business structures that increased their total revenue and helped broaden their customer base. Growing a handprint for any business starts with inclusive and customized technology and results in regenerating the planet with everyday actions. 

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Case Study#2 ClassPass

Snapshot of Handprint Imprint: ClassPass expired credits easily evolve into customers’ growing handprints.

ClassPass platform offers a monthly membership that provides access to thousands of studios, gyms, spas, and salons in over 2,500 cities worldwide. The concept is simple and lets anyone create a personalized wellness routine. 

How ClassPass Remains Planet Positive While Prioritizing Customer Engagement

With the ClassPass system, clients purchase credits they can redeem at multiple wellness & health locations across Singapore. As life is busy, there will be times clients cannot redeem credits fast enough, or unexpectedly can’t make their desired activities. Rather than having the credit expire, and having a feeling of disappointment, ClassPass decided to provide a planet positive alternative to members. 

Why not provide a planet-positive alternative to members for expired credits? 

Handprint worked with ClassPass Singapore to find out how customers would respond to this new solution to the common occurrence of expired credits. Since ClassPass credits are pre-paid the monetary value can be rolled into a donation towards several different impact projects carefully curated by Handprint.

ClassPass customers can use their credits to support a reforestation project, a coral reef reconstruction project, or finance an ocean plastic cleanup. These projects are housed on the ClassPass platform and fit into the same user experience for booking health&wellness experiences.

Class Pass Logo

ClassPass Is Growing A Handprint Through Thoughtful Flexibility

Over the ten months trial, Handprint earned a 4.9/5 star rating on ClassPass Singapore and polled 500 participants to validate the increase in loyalty and engagement in the cause.  

“Donating my remainder credits for a good cause. Thank you! Hope that ClassPass will have more charities onboarded.”

“Great option! Now whenever I have extra classpass credits that cannot be rolled over, I’ll just use them for a good cause. Love it! Please have more options in the future.”

“Have always believed in providing support for women globally but never knew how. This is amazing.”

Ready to take planet action? 

Taking planet positive action while engaging your stakeholders has never been easier. Whether you are a bank, a wellness platform or a retailer, it is possible to engage your customers in your sustainability efforts. By integrating positive impact in your business with Handprint, you can access authentic content from the ground, impact data and analytics. Turn them into powerful assets to build your sustainability story, and make your customers fall in love with your product and brand all over again.

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