Turn Advertising into a Force for Good

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The marketing and advertising industry is jumping on the sustainability wagon. Today, we see a growing number of initiatives by advertising companies to reduce their impact on the environment, such as using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and creating campaigns that promote positive values like sustainability and conservation. Although these initiatives are a good start, advertisers and media agencies have the power to turn things around and create a positive impact instead of just reducing their negative impact.

The Challenge

Global media platform Teads is a prime example of a company that has successfully taken on the challenge of creating a positive impact. Teads’ corporate value, “Find A Better & Faster Way”, came to life when they worked with Handprint. Teads wanted to offer their clients the best return on investment for their media budget while taking planet-positive action. Although there is a lot of talk about using a brand’s power and platform for good, we rarely see brands pouring their advertising dollars into their ESG initiatives.

The Solution

Handprint for Advertising offers several services that were the perfect fit to help Teads achieve its objectives:

  • Using Handprint’s API, advertisers can effortlessly integrate micro contributions into their marketing campaigns. 
  • Engage the user with personalized assets like customized emails showcasing individual impact, or social media graphics share, or landing pages. 
  • Strengthen brand image and trust through an impact web page showcasing campaign results and inspiring user participation in regenerative initiatives, enhancing reputation.

Wateroam Socials V1

Foodpanda Joins Teads Care Program

Teads launched the Teads Care program, which awards NGOs with free media to advertise their campaigns as part of a donation program with advertisers. The first client to join the Teads Care program was Foodanda. 

By using a portion of Foodpanda Singapore’s advertising budget from its Green Label sustainability accreditation scheme, Teads Care helped Wateroam in its mission to provide clean drinking water free of charge to 65,000 people in Myanmar.

The Teads Care campaign funded by Foodpanda tackled a pressing sustainability-related issue: access to clean water. As part of its campaign, Foodpanda Singapore donated a portion of its media budget to fund water innovation enterprise Wateroam’s relief efforts with their local NGO partner, Safe Water for Every Child in Myanmar. 

The budget was devoted to a Teads Care ad format, which enabled Foodpanda to direct users to a public branded contribution page developed by Handprint. The page educates ad viewers about the project and its importance to Foodpanda, and provides a convenient place for viewers to make contributions of their own by donating water microfilters.


Integrating Handprint into advertising has been proven to improve key performance indicators in Marketing and Advertising metrics. 

By employing the Teads Care ad format powered by Handprint, Foodpanda was able to observe the campaign’s performance and donations with pinpoint accuracy. Overall, the campaign showed  positive results:

  • Viewability rate of 67.84% (against a benchmark of 50–60%)
  • In-view time outperformed the benchmark of 8–10 seconds for display and video combined.

As of September 2022, Teads and Foodpanda have  facilitated the installation of 132 microfilters, filtering over 330,895 litres of water, helping Wateroam progress towards its goal of providing free, clean, and safe drinking water to over 65,000 beneficiaries in Myanmar. 

Teads and Handprint’s partnership has been featured in high-profile media outlets like Campaign Magazine, and Teads and Foodpanda are finalists in the 2023 Marketing Interactive Award under the Most Creative – Cause Marketing category.  This category recognizes the best campaign by a for-profit business that aligns with social issues, causes, or beliefs to reinforce its values and encourage customer loyalty. 

Regeneration First

The Future of Regenerative Advertising

Regenerative advertising is no longer the future of advertising, it was made possible by Teads and Handprint, and it is here to stay. Since Foodpanda’s campaign, there are many more brands, such as Uber Eats,  starting their regenerative sustainability journey. Are you a brand or advertising agency wanting to join the regenerative economy? Contact us to get started.