Turn sustainability into your competitive advantage

Handprint helps you grow with the planet and become the sustainable business your clients expect, without investing thousands of hours and blowing your budget.

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Our solutions

For e-commerce

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Handprint E Commerce Solution
  • Free plugin
  • Fits your look and feel
  • Real time display of your company’s impact

For enterprise

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Make your company Regenerative 🌏

Get the most efficient dollar-to-impact ratio

Industry standard

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Save time and build trust with Handprint tools

Remove manual work out of the equation. Our tools are easy to use and integrate.

We track and quantify your carbon absorption, support to biodiversity and social impact. Our metrics are based on scientific research.

You know where your money goes and how it is used, almost in real time.

Show your positive impact on any digital platform, in near real time.

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Boost your climate positive positioning.

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Enjoy flexible formats and placement on your webpage.

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They regenerate the 🌎 with Handprint