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It is no longer news that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity. And to save the planet, we need to explore other avenues that work for the climate beyond our professional careers.

Working for the climate is now for everyone

The effects of climate change are immense and long-lasting. So, it is no surprise that climate issues are gaining more attention in all spheres of policy-making. In the past, saving the planet used to be the duty of a few specialists. But, the urgency and size of the climate threat mean we need all hands on deck.

“Every job is a climate job” is the maxim that captures this sentiment. Project Drawdown, a nonprofit coined this maxim in their employee guide to climate action. Because they understand the importance of aligning climate accountability with every job. 

Project Drawdown’s guide explains how workers can influence the right collective actions. Gone are the days when climate jobs meant being a solar engineer, a green chemist, or a forest planter. Now, we can all work for the climate regardless of the company or the sector we work in. And that is great news. 


Working together on climate change

What is better than taking individual climate actions? Doing it together! 

Building coalitions for positive impact can happen in the following ways;

  • Forming groups in the workplace with like-minded people boosts every responsible action taken for the planet. Employee groups can help push for more climate-friendly policies in companies.
  • As a manager in a firm, you could be a champion for the climate cause. This will involve activities like communicating change, designing internal climate frameworks, or setting realistic goals.
  • Community building can extend outside of the workplace as well. Some societies help those who are climate-conscious to rally around common values. One of such places is, a platform that gets professionals to participate actively in climate work and activism. 

Involving local communities works for the climate

Climate change affects everyone, but some more than others. Recent evidence has shown that minority communities bear an unfair portion of the negative impact of a warming planet. We need climate allies, even in oppressed societies and remote areas. 

Gender and racial imbalances exist in societies around the world. These imbalances sometimes cause minority groups to bear the burden of environmental degradation. This is why women and minority groups should partake more in climate forums.

In addition, including minorities in decision-making will grant more say to people affected most by climate change. For instance, it could be as simple as acknowledging indigenous people as caretakers of wildlife. Or putting them at the forefront of forest regeneration efforts.

Join Handprint and work with the climate movement today

On climate change, Handprint has always taken actions that can be tied directly to impact. As the brainchild of two professors and an engineer,  our high standards are guided by traceable data and scientific integrity. One of our star metrics is Planet-efficiency of Capital, which tells our investors how much positive impact our spending will have on the planet. Adopting this metric differentiates us as we became the first in the Greentech space to report on the efficiency of funds raised for the planet. Keeping us focused on the big picture: saving the planet. 

Handprint recently raised US$2.2 million in seed funding, to expand its offerings. As a result, we are recruiting change-makers who are passionate about the planet. A golden chance to work for the climate in a fulfilling job role. 

If you want to be part of the regeneration movement that saves the planet without reducing profits, you are one of us. Check the vacant roles on our careers page today. Or are you interested in a partnership with us? Write to us at Let’s build a better world together! 











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