Learn Why These Companies Choose Handprint

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After being operational for two years, Handprint made a massive splash last year raising over 2.2 million in seed rounds. It’s fair to say that investors and partners are all curious and excited about what the future holds at Handprint Tech. 

With Handprint software, any business or industry can develop multitudes and potential click conversions. Handprint  is excited to highlight the numerous benefits targeted towards e-commerce clients and the benefits they continue to receive working with Handprint. 

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What Are The Benefits Of E-Commerce Conversion And Regeneration?

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

With the Handprint SaaS sustainable plugin, you’ll be making informed data-driven decisions. Witnessing real-time CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization helps connect with the customer base and form deeper and more meaningful bonds.

Customer Loyalty

Recent studies show that more customers are looking to work with brands that are making informed decisions about the planet. With a Handprint Partnership, your consumers lead the change and join a dedicated platform for regeneration.

An Increase In Cart Conversion by 20%

Due to consumers wanting to spend and invest wisely in the environment, they are more likely to increase their purchases after understanding it goes towards an environmental project. With a real-time tracker to inform consumers how the impact project progresses their contribution and spending brings them closer to achieving a bigger goal. 

The Handprint Of Successful Sustainability For Business 

Instead of looking for the magic equation, dive deeper into transparent experiences from Handprint customers and absorb an inclusive vision for the future.

Customer Spotlight: Sleek (Digital Accounting Platform)

Partnering with Handprint was an easy decision for Sleek who successfully are 100% of their operations online. Sleek began to focus on developing sustainability initiatives in 2019, partnering with Handprint officially in 2020. 

Sleek proudly launched its carbon neutrality program, choosing to invest in the Handprint Impact initiative that plants mangrove trees in East Java, Indonesia. Sleek hopes to become the first carbon-neutral corporate services provider in Asia-Pacific by 2030, and for future operations to be carbon positive.

Handprint is thrilled to provide education to clients shifting their perspective. We promote and encourage inclusive language to demonstrate this change. With terminology like carbon-positive or nature-positive mindsets, it also brings aspirational language to the forefront in media and among consumers. Handprint believes language and communication is one of many ways clients help bring a regenerative future into focus. 

Customer Spotlight: Ultra Football, Australia (Retail Industry)

Football is an internationally beloved pastime, and the retail chain Ultra, Australia knew they could find a way to easily integrate regenerative sustainability into their online platforms. After partnering with Handprint, they see sustainability-marketed items sell five to six times faster than other products. After joining Handprint, Ultra Football saw their conversion rate increase by 16% and in three months planted 10,000 trees!

Customer Spotlight: SaladStop, Singapore (Food & Beverage Services)

SaladStop, Singapore is going above and beyond for its commitment to climate-positive interactions. With each meal, a customer creates they are also educated on the carbon emissions and have a chance to offset their purchase. The company has also taken steps to open the first net-zero SaladStop location while having the Handprint plugin running statistics for trees planted and tCO2e absorbed. SaladStop, Singapore has also chosen the impact partner project of reforestation and provides more information on their daily activities online. 

Customer Spotlight: Teads (Advertising & Media Industry)

Teads Advertising is a perfect example of not needing to be in an environmental role to promote climate advocacy. The advertising firm has launched Teads Care, a not-for-profit advertising program that allows other brands and Teads clients to advertise responsibly. Since Handprint already has a list of flourishing NGOs, Teads will receive this data and build a bespoke advertiser-branded public donation page. Together Handprint and Teads will monitor, report, and visualize the real-world impact of the advertiser’s campaign; an exciting initiative for years to come. 

The time is now to subscribe and partner with Handprint Tech. Our vision for the future is an inclusive regeneration that partners us with companies across a spectrum of industries and fields. The impact you co-create with Handprint today changes the future, and planet of tomorrow.

To find out how Handprint can make your company more regenerative, book an intro call with our Enterprise Sales team, or learn more information through our blog and YouTube