Handprint’s toolbox: Much more than a ‘carbon’ plugin

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Make your impact stronger

We curate the world’s most effective impact organizations to ensure that whatever project you choose, your contributions will change and save lives. We provide pre-financing so that our impact partners start new regenerative projects from scratch, not just resell existing ones.

Make your consumers happier

With Handprint, you just don’t have to tell your consumers about the great things you do for the planet – you can show them using images, stories, and raw data. Integrate our visualization tools in any digital asset you want: home page, sustainability page, cart, or even e-mail.

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Make your money go further

Handprint’s technology reduces the need for costly intermediaries. We do not make money on the impact purchases you make. That’s why we have one of the best dollar-to-impact rates in the world, being on average 68% cheaper than our competitors.

Make your claims more credible

Our team of planet hackers consists of PhDs that have been innovating how to assess, monitor, and report real-world impact. Ask us about our scientific approach. We are proud of it.

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Make your growth better

By integrating impact contributions into processes that align with your strategic growth, your growth genuinely becomes good. We can only thrive if we grow together.