Who Uses Handprint’s Impact Platform?

who uses handprint

In today’s world, words like ‘sustainability,’ ‘impact,’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) are not just buzzwords. They are a prerequisite for businesses aiming for long-term success. CEOs, Marketers, HR, and Sustainability Officers are continually searching for avenues to embed purpose into their business strategies. Enter Handprint’s Impact Platform—a one-stop solution for businesses to act, monitor, and amplify their positive impact on the planet. All while achieving business goals. 

Meet Handprint’s Impact Platform: Elevating Your Sustainability Strategy in One Click

Handprint’s Impact Platform is a comprehensive tool offering a curated portfolio of vetted impact projects from across the globe. Imagine being able to purchase “units of impact” like planting trees, cleaning up kilograms of plastic, or funding hours of education. Yes, we’ve made it that simple and accessible!

It doesn’t end with your positive action. With Handprint’s Impact Platform you can track the progress of your impact, receive updates in the form of photos and videos directly from the field, and get data that can be effortlessly integrated into your sustainability reports, online channels, and more. 


Who Uses Handprint’s Impact Platform?

Handprint has empowered many businesses and functions to embed regenerative sustainability in their key operations and goals. Let’s explore how CEOs, Marketers, HR and Sustainability Officers have used Handprint. 


Handprint enables CEOs to execute any sustainability pledge swiftly. Want to offset your carbon emissions? Check. Interested in corporate philanthropy? Done. Seamless reporting? Yeap. Handprint has helped CEOs to make strong sustainability claims backed by concrete metrics, enabling them to use it as their competitive advantage. 


Marketing and Communication teams have turned their ESG strategies into ROI powerhouses. By accessing the data visualizations and content from the ground, Marcomms teams are leveraging the positive narrative of their impact in various customer touch points like regular updates on their sustainability webpage or showcasing milestones on social media. Marketing and Communication teams are aligning their KPIs with their positive impact agenda. For example, some are restoring a coral for every new newsletter subscriber, or planting a tree for every click on a digital ad.


It’s key to engage and retain your employees by aligning a company’s sustainability agenda with what genuinely matters to them. Handprint’s Impact Platform has supported HR teams to create a collective action with employees by letting them build their company’s impact portfolio. HR can then re-engage with regular updates on the progress of their impact, share videos, photos and more. 

Sustainability Officers

Sustainability teams use Handprint to improve the quality and frequency of their sustainability reports as well as the frequency of their impact data collection. Most Sustainability teams are already working with an impact project, but they lack visibility of their contribution and are missing on regular updates of what their positive impact means. Handprint is a Sustainability Officer’s playground. They use to manifest pledges into actionable results, drive their impact agenda with confidence,  and simultaneously becoming the linchpin that empowers other departments to engage with stakeholders meaningfully.


A Diverse Clientele

From banking giants like IDEMIA and Credit Agricole, to advertising leaders like Teads and Dentsu,  e-commerce trailblazers like Lazada and Fintech innovators like Thunes work with Handprint’s Impact Platform. Companies across sectors are harnessing the benefits of their positive impact to grow their business together with the planet.

A Special Note for Digital Companies

For digital enterprises that often find it challenging to engage in corporate sustainability—given the absence of complex supply chains or physical manufacturing processes—our platform offers a unique opportunity. Use Handprint as your most potent tool to embrace regenerative sustainability as a competitive advantage.

Ready to Grow With the Planet?

The Handprint Impact Platform is not just another software solution. It’s a movement aimed at making corporate responsibility actionable and measurable. It’s time to move beyond the ‘pledge’ phase and enter the ‘impact’ phase. With Handprint, making a difference is just a click away. Are you ready to leave your handprint on the world?

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