Integrating Nature Strategies in Your Business



In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt a nature strategy that goes beyond a narrow focus on carbon reduction. By understanding the complex interplay between different aspects of the environment, we can foster a more sustainable approach that benefits both the planet and the economy.

In this blog post, we explore why businesses need a nature strategy, what a nature pledge is, and how to build one.


Why Do We Need a Nature Strategy in Business?

The concept of planetary boundaries sets limits on the nine systems of the Earth, providing a framework for sustainable development. It’s clear that humanity is pushing many of these boundaries, resulting in environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity. Too many companies and governments are fixated on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, overlooking other crucial aspects such as land use, water management, and biodiversity conservation.

carbon tunnel vision by handprint

This carbon tunnel vision can be counterproductive, leading to an imbalanced approach that fails to address the full scope of environmental challenges. By adopting a more holistic perspective, businesses can contribute to the regeneration of nature and the long-term well-being of the planet. Because without nature, businesses wouldn’t exist.


 What Is a Nature Pledge?

A nature pledge is a commitment by a business to achieve a specific nature target by a set deadline. It combines two key components:

  1. Nature Target: This is a concrete goal that a company aims to achieve, contributing to the regeneration of nature. For example, a nature target might involve planting and maintaining 200 million trees by 2030.
  2. Operational Logic: This is the business mechanism a company employs to achieve its nature target. A well-known example is the 1% for the Planet initiative, where participating companies commit to spending 1% of their revenue on nature regeneration efforts.

By establishing a clear nature pledge, companies can demonstrate their dedication to long term nature restoration and provide a roadmap for making a true  positive impact.

How to Build a Nature Pledge

Creating a nature pledge for your business involves a thoughtful and strategic approach, and it’s key to involve key internal stakeholders in the process.

  1. Assess your current business goals
  2. Set Meaningful Targets
  3. Design an Operational Logic
  4. Engage Stakeholders
  5. Track and Report

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