What collaborations in the climate tech space will most effectively solve the crises of our time?

Nature Tech Ecosystem Map

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While alarm bells about the atmospheric carbon concentration abound, we are witnessing catastrophic land and oceanic ecosystem collapses, biodiversity loss, droughts and famines, plastic pollution, and social justice issues of all kinds.

Yet companies worldwide are still talking about carbon footprints as if it will solve all our problems. At Handprint, we are striving to get us back in touch with the reality of life on earth: the thriving of all fauna, flora, and humankind across the globe.

Change-makers are waking up to this reality and making vital impact across all kinds of sectors. The message is the same: we can no longer dominate and subjugate nature for our uses without becoming stewards and healers.

Yet, this whole systems thinking is vital not only in terms of the issues we face, but also – and very crucially – in the way that we work together.

From entrepreneurs to NGOS, governments to multilateral organisations, we all have our unique strengths that can be leveraged to create powerful collaborative relationships.

By identifying the roles, relationships, gaps and opportunities available to us, we can build whole systems understanding of the Nature Tech ecosystem and how we can best work together. Through informed collaboration, we can do so much more to break barriers, co-design activities and strategies, identify where the funding needs to be, and most effectively pull actors together to truly drive systemic change.

That is why we created the Nature Tech map: an ever-evolving, easy-to-understand visualisation of the bigger picture, with the help of our partners Laura Duarte and Rafael Aldon.

Since our previous map reached 1.35 million views on LinkedIn, we have added an important new layer in version 3. “Enablers” now draws visibility to capital providers, media entities, startup studios and think-tanks that help to make this work possible.

With a comprehensive overview, systemic collaboration ensures we are fully empowered to tackle the urgent and complex issues we face today. It effectively widens and reimagines the solutions and opportunities available to us – including solutions that as yet seems too lofty or impossible.

We are moving in the right direction. But we must remember the old adage: to go farther, we must go together.


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