Solve water povertywith Wateroam

You can help Wateroam provide free, safe drinking water to hundreds of communities in Karen State, Myanmar. Wateroam works closely with Safe Water for Every Child - Myanmar to regularly disburse relief goods and water filters. Having transformed 8,500 Burmese lives already, Wateroam is on a mission to provide immediate relief for more than 68,000 people.

You can support Wateroam in their mission by donating microfilters. Donations for 280 microfilters help Wateroam deploy one full RoamFilter.

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Impact created by Foodpanda and Wateroamsince : Jul 2022

    • Number of
    • 132
    • microfilters installed
    • Litres of water
    • 330,895
    • filtered
    • Funds raised for
    • $ 230
    • lives

About Wateroam

Motivated by a shared vision of providing safe, drinking water to all, three students -- Chong Tee, David and Vincent -- at the National University of Singapore (NUS) started Wateroam in 2014. They came up with the RoamFilter systems which remove harmful bacteria from dirty water without electricity, well-suited for constantly moving people in water poor areas in Myanmar.

With help from supporters like you, Wateroam has transformed over 100,000 lives in 38 countries. Every Wateroam filter deployed displaces the production of 1 million plastic bottles and the equivalent amount of firewood required to boil untreated water.

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Why support clean water in Myanmar

Due to political unrest in Myanmar, thousands of families have been displaced from their homes. UNHCR estimates that over 1.1 million people are currently displaced in Karen State, Myanmar.

Unable to secure fresh, potable water, many people have to rely on unsafe water resources. The local Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) team has registered numerous cases of dehydration and water-borne diseases like diarrhoea.

Wateroam has partnered with Safe Water for Every Child-Myanmar, an aid-organization working with local agencies like the Karen State of Department Health and Welfare to equitably disburse RoamFilters. Safe Water also provides Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) intervention workshops and recruits local community members who monitor and maintain the filters to ensure their long-term use.

Why support clean water globally

Although the2022 UN SGD Reportshowed a reduction in the number of people without access to potable water, 1.2 billion people still lack access to basic water services. This number could rise again to 2.8 billion in the absence of meaningful intervention.

Lack of access to safe water impacts lives of people and progress on all the UN SDGs. Life without potable water increases the risk of mortality, malnourishment, and exacerbates poverty. To meet the SDG 6 regarding clean water and sanitation, investment needs to quadruple by 2030.

RoamFilter systems are a scalable, highly-adaptable solution for providing this basic human right to all. As most people at risk from dirty water also live in the least developed regions and crisis zones, these portable filters can help us reach all people in need.


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    Wateroam works with local actors to ensure an equitable and comprehensive use of funds to ensure long-term impact.

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    Backed by science

    An innovative enterprise, Wateroam is constantly advancing water filteration technology and Internet of Things (IoT).

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    Supporting the local community

    At its heart, Wateroam is driven by their mission to serve and uplift communities in need.

The Sustainable Development Goals


By decreasing mortality and improving the health of people who use their filters, Wateroam advances this SDG.


In most communities, women and girls source and manage water, which is often very time-consuming and arduous. Using Wateroam’s portable water filters, women create room to pursue opportunities.


By deploying innovative filters that clean water even without electricity, Wateroam advances this SDG.


By providing access to clean drinking water, a basic human right, to marginalised people who lack it, Wateroam advances this SDG.

Financial Transparency

We use a mobile app to confirm delivery of all funds to the field.

We will soon write these deliveries on a public digital registry to allow contributors to follow the money flow from anywhere on Earth. We also create tools for project developers to exchange information with the communities in which they work about developments in the field. These peer-to-peer links open the black box of how your contributions translate into real-world impact!