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solves global water poverty
by providing clean water filters

For every purchase, Wateroam provides portable water filters in Myanmar.

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Why clean water filters

Clean drinking water like most natural resources is limited in supply. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 74% of the global population has access to safe drinking water. That leaves over two billion people drinking contaminated water.

Climate change with increased global warming is also contributing to the depletion of natural water resources across the world. This may lead to further scarcity of clean drinking water that humans and many other species depend on for survival.

Why support Wateroam’s clean water filtration projects

Wateroam partners with Safe Water for Every child – Myanmar to deploy ROAMfilter Plus water filtration systems in rural communities, and with Karen State of Department Health and Welfare to deliver relief goods and water filters to the victims of the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

With these filters, families can remove impurities and germs from the water before drinking, and are ideal in places with poor electricity supply like remote areas or refugee camps.

Every Wateroam filter deployed displaces the production of one million plastic bottles and the equivalent amount of firewood required to boil untreated water.

Why clean water filtration matters

According to the local WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) office in Myanmar, a significant number of reports have recorded diarrhoea cases caused by the consumption of contaminated water. Many more people have suffered from other water-borne illnesses and this can potentially lead to an epidemic situation.

Due to the political situation in Myanmar, UNHCR estimates that over 1.1 million people are currently displaced in Karen State alone. These refugees have no option but to rely on unsafe water sources, they often fall sick, suffer from thirst or even die.

Almost all species need some form of water to survive. But for humans, we need clean water. And this is why we need portable and affordable water filtration solutions that can benefit everyone.

Project Managers

Wateroam Chongtee

Chong Tee Lim

Co-Founder and CMO

As an entrepreneur with a background in engineering, Chong Tee has a keen understanding of both marketing and technological knowledge. He works directly with local communities and non-governmental organisations to manage water development projects in countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Wateroam David

David Pong

Co-Founder and CEO

David is the Chief Executive Officer of Wateroam. He has a rich portfolio of experience in nurturing start-up companies. As a well-rounded individual with knowledge in business, finance and operations, David is a strong leader who has been able to cast a vision for his team to bring an end to global thirst.

Wateroam Vincent

Vincent Loka

Co-Founder and CTO

As an environmental engineer, Vincent has leveraged his environmental and mechanical engineering knowledge to achieve numerous innovations in Wateroam’s product design. One of his innovations won the prestigious Patent for Good Award in 2018. He was also recognised in 2016 by the United Nations as a young representative for the area of Clean Water and Sanitation.

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