Unveiling the Power of Tech for Environmental Regeneration with Mathias Boissonot

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In a recent episode of the “Unnoticed Entrepreneur” podcast, host James speaks with Mathias Boissonot, the co-founder of Handprint Tech, a company focused on leveraging technology to drive positive environmental impact. They talk about the power of a ‘handprint’ versus a ‘footprint’ to analyse impact and the importance of aligning with the target market. 

The Impact of Handprint

Based in Singapore, Handprint Tech provides a platform for companies to make verified and quantified contributions to environmental restoration and protection while also growing their businesses. Mathias begins by explaining the core mission of Handprint Tech in addressing the global environmental crisis. The company’s platform enables businesses to measure and increase their “handprint” – the positive impact they make on the planet – by funding initiatives such as refurbishment, ocean plastic cleanup, and habitat protection. This approach contrasts with the traditional focus on reducing carbon footprints, offering a more holistic view of sustainability.

Handprint is also a scientific word that describes the sum of your positive impact as opposed to your footprint, which is the sum of your negative impact. I’m sure you’ve heard about carbon footprint, water footprint, etc. So we enable companies to make that positive impact, to grow their handprint and to quantify it in real time. 

The Shifting Business Model

One of the key challenges Handprint Tech faces is bridging the gap between companies in the global north, which fund environmental initiatives, and project developers in the global south, where critical ecosystems are located. Through strategic partnerships and leveraging digital technology, Handprint Tech facilitates the connection between these stakeholders, empowering NGOs and local organisations to access international funding.

A significant aspect of Handprint Tech’s strategy is education and awareness-building. Mathias discusses how the company educates its client base about the importance of environmental restoration and how it aligns with their business goals. By providing success stories, impact education publications, and an open-source calculator, Handprint Tech empowers companies to understand and quantify their environmental impact accurately.

Mathias reflects on the evolution of Handprint Tech’s business model, highlighting the importance of aligning with the needs of its target market. He shares a valuable lesson learned from initially focusing on the e-commerce sector, where they discovered a mismatch between their solution and the needs of smaller brands. This experience led to a pivot towards serving larger corporations with a higher-touch approach, tailored to their specific sustainability requirements.

Scaling the Business

So for the supply side. So the project developers on the ground started with two co-founders; one is a PhD in climate policies, the other one is a PhD in digital sustainability. They had an existing network in the NGO space, being former founders of a very successful NGO. So Handprint started with, of course, direct personal connections from them. 

In terms of scaling the business, Mathias emphasises the effectiveness of generating warm introductions through investor networks and satisfied clients. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and incentivizing referrals has proven successful in attracting new leads and expanding Handprint Tech’s reach.

In conclusion, Handprint Tech’s journey exemplifies the intersection of technology, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. By challenging the status quo and offering innovative solutions, the company is driving meaningful change in how businesses approach environmental responsibility. As Mathias notes, collaboration and education are key to building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

By encapsulating the insights and experiences shared by Mathias Boissonot, Handprint Tech serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that businesses can thrive while making a tangible difference in the world.

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