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COMPANY regenerates the planet 🌎

For every purchase, COMPANY is planting 1 mangrove tree in Sumatra, Indonesia. 🌱

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Why plant mangrove trees?

Healthy mangroves can provide sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities and reduce their vulnerability to natural events such as hurricanes and storm surges. Mangroves also provide a number of other benefits to the world at large – they are arguably the most efficient carbon sequestration technology than any other forest type! The trees form deep roots underground that solidify the soil and end up storing close to 75% of the carbon there. 🌳

Why Yakopi?

Yakopi is a non-profit organization based in North Sumatra and Aceh that has worked with stakeholders at all levels on programs to conserve and restore mangrove forests. Not only does our reforestation programs help to reduce GHG emissions, but it also increases biodiversity in the mangrove ecosystem by improving habitat, allowing it to be a breeding ground for fishes, shrimps and crabs, including supporting an ecologically sound food chain, and the economy for traditional fishermen. 🎣

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On top of that, our projects also involve the community by providing jobs and raising public awareness towards the benefit of reforestation conservation. Trainings are also conducted to community groups providing them with an understanding on how to implement correct restoration processes. Success rates of restoration can be maximally achieved if proper maintenance from beginning to end is put in place.

You may wonder, why are we, a INDUSTRY in COUNTRY supporting mangrove reforestation in Indonesia?
That is a fair question. For us, the reason is simple. Climate change is a global problem. The climate does not really care whether we remove carbon from the atmosphere in Miami or in Indonesia. But, if we do it in Indonesia, the secondary benefits, in terms of livelihood support and local economic development are vastly greater than if we work in Miami (where they also have mangroves).
Moreover, Indonesia is also very exposed to adverse weather effects (remember the 2004 tsunami?) and mangroves are proven to diminish the impact cyclones, tsunamis, and hurricanes have once they hit land. These are truly miracle trees.

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Yakopi Man With Mangrove Seedlings

Looking at all the different UNSDGs that they cover, and how well they fare with Handprint’s quantifiable metrics, we’re very proud to be supporting Yakopi through Handprint to help plant mangrove trees, and to make our planet a better place.

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One of the highest impact-to-dollar ratio

Handprint Dollar To Impact Ratio

Leaders of Yakopi


Eling Tuhono


Monitoring Coordinator


Zaid Mukshit
Publication Coordinator


Khairul Mukmin
Program Manager


Balqis Melza
Forestry Coordinator

Each member team has a passion and vision for environmental improvement through restoration of mangroves and coastal plants. With strong background in forest ecology and experience in environmental organisations, our desire is to be part of the green and sustainable economy, helping our Earth become a better place for everyone.

Join the Generation Regeneration

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