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COMPANY regenerates the planet 🌎

For every purchase, we’re diverting plastic from the oceans 🐠 in Bintan, Indonesia.

Seven Clean Seas cleaning up a beach in Bintan
Seven Clean Seas cleaning up a beach in Bintan

Plastic Clean-up

There’s more than 150 million tons of plastic lying around the ocean today. Our plastic consumption and poor waste management add 11 million tons per year to this grand total. Can’t really picture it? Imagine a truckload full of plastic getting dumped into the ocean each minute! Plastic waste can lead to severe biodiversity loss and negative human health impacts.

Why Seven Clean Seas?

SCS started in 2018 with the mission of preserving the marine environment by ridding the ocean of plastic for good. Their purpose is to clean, conserve, and educate. SCS has recovered +300,000 kg of plastic pollution and is focusing on infrastructure and technology solutions to stop plastic keep reaching the ocean.

Seven Clean Seas team in action

What is SCS doing?

The project’s objective is to develop an efficient plastic collection and sorting infrastructure in Bintan, Indonesia, and to recover mixed plastics via community / business collections, environmental interception and marine environment recovery. A Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) will be used to ensure plastics are diverted from the struggling landfill and ultimately recirculated into the circular economy via recycling where possible and secondary co-processing solutions where necessary.

Not only are oceans being cleaned up with infrastructure plans, but lives are also being changed. Cleaning up the oceans enables ethical employment to the most vulnerable communities. SCS offers ethical wages and health insurance, contrasting the waste management industry where informal employment, lack of security and protection are common practices.

SCS also builds community engagement ecosystems to encourage local stakeholder interaction and stewardship of the environment with the goal of reducing primary plastic leakage into the environment. For example, there are educational workshops such as the Educational Experiences Project, that offers a unique opportunity to engage local schools around the topics of conservation, marine plastic prevention and technological solutions.

Seven Clean Seas pulling nets

Looking at all the different UNSDGs that they cover, and how well they fare with Handprint’s quantifiable metrics, we’re very proud to be supporting Seven Clean Seas through Handprint to help eliminate plastic pollution, and to make our planet a better place.

One of the highest impact-to-dollar ratio

Handprint Dollar To Impact Ratio

Bintan, Riau Archipelago Project leader

Siti Scs Gm Bintan

General Manager

Meet Siti, the General Manager for the project in Bintan, Riau Archipelago. She has a wealth of experience ranging from WWF Indonesia to local environmental NGO’s.

Join the Generation Regeneration

COMPANY has joined forces with Handprint Tech to make our purchases planet positive. Handprint’s team of planet hackers can help you build bespoke integrations to any company KPI, like unique website visitors, new leads in a CRM system, or number of people who saw your ad campaign. Check their solutions to learn more or get in touch with them.

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