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Make sustainability revenue generating

Impact you can trust

Access the most impactful projects on the planet that have been thoroughly vetted.

Business enabling sustainability

Your commitment to planet positive actions becomes an asset for your business to leverage.

Lasting positive impact

The more good you do and showcase, the deeper the connection you establish with your stakeholders.

Trusted Impact Marketplace

1. Trusted impact marketplace

Our impact & data team curates the most impactful projects by quantifying how relevant projects are to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Data-rich monitoring

See exactly how much every contribution benefits the planet, in terms of SDG aligned metrics like carbon capture, biodiversity support, social impact.

You can also integrate these self-updating metrics on your website.

Data Rich Monitoring
Shareable Communication Assets

3. Shareable communication assets

Receive geotagged photos of your impact uploaded through our NGO mobile app.

See real-time updated metrics of your positive impact and share them with your audience in a few clicks.

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