Integrate regenerative sustainability in every transaction

Harness the power of bank transfers, cash withdrawals, and card transactions to make a positive impact

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Integrate Regenerative Sustainability

Leverage customer empowering financial solutions

Foster sustainable financial services

Attract conscious clients by supporting vetted environmental and social projects.

Enhance trust with transparency

Showcase financial transparency and real-world impact through accurate tracking and media reporting.

Seamless integration, shared values

Effortlessly integrate Handprint to align with customers’ sustainability values and boost brand reputation.

Empower Your Customers

1. Empower your customers to make a positive impact

  • Align your sustainability commitments with your users’ by empowering choice at the individual level
  • Engage your users with positive impact with for each transaction
  • Let users watch their handprint grow thanks to you

2. Reward repayment behaviour with impact

  • Incentivise your users to repay on time by committing to positive impact
  • Connect with your users by making loans planet positive
  • Watch repayment rate and positive sentiment increase
Reward Repayment
Differentiate Your Saving Offering

3. Differentiate your savings offering

  • Let your users link their savings with planet positive impact projects
  • Leverage individual preference to make each savings account unique
  • Build deep connections with your users through their handprint
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