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Handprint’s Impact API

Embed Positive Impact In Your Digital Platforms

Build your own impact–business use case. Plant a tree with every sale, restore a coral reef with every sign-up, educate a child with every click.

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Automate Your Impact, Your Way.

Sync your business activities and digital touch-points with automated recurring contributions to nature and powerful visuals.

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Effortlessly sync any business activity with powerful impact.

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Integrate impact actions anywhere in your business activities. Customize the type, amount and frequency of impact you want to make based on your own business model, values or KPIs.

Align A Business Trigger To The Impact You Want To Make
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Create your own personalized impact experience

Acquire any project’s content, data, report or detail to build your own gallery, project list, or marketplace. Content can be integrated into any web page, mobile app or application, and integrated to any specific stakeholders.

Automatically Fetch Any Project Content Data And Report

Impact Integration for Every Need

With a trigger and data collection set in motion, you’ll be able to integrate positive impact in an exciting variety of ways. Here are a few ideas…

User Differentiation

User Differentiation

Drive loyalty with purpose. Empower your stakeholders to drive positive change through custom impact rewards.

Impact Widgets

Impact Widgets

Customized widgets showcase regular updates of your positive impact in your digital touch-points, such as websites, apps, and more.

Impact map

Impact map

Include a map of your company’s impact projects into digital screens in the office.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

Display pictures and videos of your projects in any digital touchpoint.

Physical Displays

Physical Displays

Sync real time counters, such as number of trees planted, with a physical analog counter.

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Success Stories

How our clients found sustained success using Handprint’s API

Hp Impact Api Success Stories

Integrating Planet Action into Google Forms to Effortlessly Plant Trees

Plant Trees Pratt & Whitney Singapore Invention Convention brilliantly integrates regenerative sustainability into its forms, turning an ordinary process into an automatic catalyst for extraordinary results for the planet.

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