Meet Sleek: Making an Impact Without a Sustainability Team


Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have for companies – it’s a must-have. But what if you don’t have a sustainability team? Can you still make a meaningful impact?

At Sleek, the answer is yes. But first, who’s Sleek?

Sleep is an all-in-one digital platform helping small companies with business registrations, accounting, Visas, payroll and more. Sleek’s regenerative sustainability strategy consists of three key pillars: Sustainability Promise, Tech for Good, and Community Initiatives. 

As a digital service company, Sleek’s carbon footprint is relatively small – closer to none. Nevertheless, Sleek wanted to take planet action by supporting impact projects that help reverse the current effects of climate change.

Sleek’s Regenerative Sustainability Promise

Together with Handprint’s Impact Platform, Sleek realized that they could develop an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy without an in-house sustainability team. Handprint provides access to a diverse range of impact projects that companies can choose from, making it easier for businesses like Sleek to make a positive impact.

Today, Sleek is working with Mangrove Restoration projects in Indonesia and they are planning to extend their impact to the collection of ocean plastic and supporting educational programs.  So far, they have planted +29,994 trees and expect to absorb over 3,256 tons of carbon by 2030.

Bulletproofing Regenerative Sustainability Claims

Making sustainability claims can be a challenging task, especially for companies without a dedicated team. Fortunately, Handprint’s Impact Platform makes it easier for businesses to assess and monitor their impact. Sleek has access to their own Impact Dashboard where they can track their impact in real time and enjoy trust through transparency and verification. Through data, impressive visualizations and photos directly from the ground, Sleek can tell their regenerative sustainability story with confidence. 

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