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provides quality and affordable education for rural children in Uganda

For every purchase, Oxford Modern sponsors part of 1 year of tuition for a school child in Uganda.

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Why provide rural education

Education is the key to prosperity. Yet, so many children are not able to afford high quality education especially children living in rural areas across the globe. Unlike urban areas, rural areas are more likely to be deficient in resources needed to educate young minds. This is why it is important to support excellent school education in rural areas

Why support Oxford Modern’s high quality education projects

Since its inception in 2003, Oxford Modern Primary School has provided quality and affordable education for rural children in Biguli Kamwenge, Western Region of Uganda. They use sponsorship programs to support children in the Kamwenge communities to achieve their future goals. A part of the sponsorship also goes towards providing daily free meals to students at the school.

Oxford Modern helps rural kids escape poverty by providing free, high quality education. This enables them to work in skilled jobs which pay more. Oxford Modern School also employs the local residents as their teaching staff, thereby providing jobs for the local communities.The school believes that every Kamwenge Child should have access to education. The school identifies potential roadblocks to educational attainment in the community and then provides sponsorship and support to meet the needs of identified individuals in gaining access to education.

Why high quality education matters

In Uganda, only children from upper-class families can get an excellent education, while the majority of children cannot afford these schools. The absence of good education in rural areas for young children can limit their career options in the future. Therefore, it is important to support rural schools like Oxford Modern Primary School, as they help every child attain the highest degree of individual development he/she is capable of.

Project Managers

Enoka Kuwomba


He has taught and worked in several school administrations for more than 10 years. He is happy to support the greatness of future generations

John Twinomugisha


He has been in school administrations and organisations for more than 10 years. He’s passionate about serving local communities.

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