Shape the System: The Evolution to the ‘Do Good’ Strategy

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In a thought-provoking episode of “Shape the System,” Vincent Turner hosts Simon Schillebeeckx, co-founder of Handprint, to explore the concept of “handprints” in sustainability. Schillebeeckx, drawing from his academic background in environmental sustainability, advocates for a shift from merely minimizing footprints to actively creating positive impacts. They discuss the evolution of capitalism towards a “do good” strategy, emphasizing the integration of sustainability into business models for both ethical and strategic reasons. Through compelling case studies, Schillebeeckx demonstrates how handprint initiatives can drive sales and loyalty while positively impacting the planet. Key takeaways include the definition of handprints, the necessity of the “do good” approach, engagement strategies and how the financial economy presents a substantial opportunity to scale handprint initiatives and create massive impacts.