Want to make a real difference in the world? 

Today, our planet faces numerous challenges – from climate change and biodiversity loss to poverty and plastic pollution. These problems may seem insurmountable, but they are solvable.
The good news is, the technology now exists to create an abundance of positive changes that are transparent, trackable, and highly efficient. Every individual and organization can and should play our part to meaningfully contribute.
You are here because you have been given a voucher to redeem for positive impact today.
Simply select the project that resonates the most with you, enter the voucher code, click “redeem” — and watch the magic happen!

Plant trees with TRCC

Plant corals with LivingSeas

Give access to potable water with Wateroam

Clean-Up Plastic with Seven Clean Seas

Provide Health Kits for Children with WAH

Provide Meal Kits for Children with Rumah Kids

Provide Environmental Education with IIF

Plant Mangroves with Yakopi

Provide Rice with Good Neighbors Japan

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