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Seven Clean Seas is an organisation collecting plastic in Bintan - Archipelago.

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Impact created by Seven Clean Seas

    • Impact contributed
    • 47,218
    • kg of plastic collected
    • Plastic bottles equivalent
    • 2,360,885
    • collected from the ocean
    • Plastic straws equivalent
    • 112,423,110
    • not produced

About Seven Clean Seas

A social enterprise headquartered in Singapore, Seven Clean Seas is an ocean clean-up organisation. Since their inception in 2018, they’ve collected over 300,000 kilos of plastic, diverting them instead to recycling, upcycling, incineration in waste-to-energy plants, or secure landfill sites. SCS’ mission is to recover over 10,000,000 kilos of marine debris by 2025 from the top seven worst plastic polluted countries in the world.

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Project Location

Project Stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 10
  • On land biodiversity

  • 80
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 90
  • Social Impact

  • 50
  • Gender equality

  • 50

Why it matters locally

The Bintan Archipelago is a collection of small islands dependent on tourism and fisheries. Plastic pollution severely affects both of these sectors, affecting the local community’s ability to tackle this problem on their own. Currently, the waste management industry relies on informal workers. These workers have no job security and earn between USD 2-8 per day, trapping entire families in a vicious cycle of poverty. Seven Clean Seas’ challenges this status quo by formalising the plastic collection and sorting processes and providing collectors with a living wage. This not only helps clean up plastic now but also helps increase the long-term capacity of the local community to keep their ocean free of plastic.

Why problem matters to outside of community

According to UNESCO, debris from ocean plastic kills over 100,000 marine mammals and more than a million seabirds every year through ingestion and entanglement. As a result of plastic being produced by virgin fossil feedstocks and not being circulated, plastics account for 6% of global oil consumption. Recently found human blood and deep in our lungs, microplastics may become a health risk. We urgently need to decrease our dependence on plastic and properly manage waste, to keep us and our ecosystems healthy. Seven Clean Seas is paving the way towards a complete, equitable plastic management solution.


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    Complete Solution

    Recovered plastic from oceans is recycled, incinerated in waste-to-energy plants, or placed in a secure landfill

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    Data on plastic collected and sorted is recorded every week and available on SCS' public ledger

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    Listening to the local community

    Local vounteer teams lead missions to rescue plastic and determine where efforts are most needed

Financial Transparency

We use a mobile app to confirm delivery of all funds to the field.

We will soon write these deliveries also on a public digital system, to allow listeners to follow the flow of donations from anywhere on Earth. Then we create tools for project managers to talk directly to the community about developments in the field. These peer-to-peer links open the black box of how referral dollars translate into real-world impact!

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