Blue Carbon Credits issued under OxCarbon Principles

Global Mangrove Trust and Yayasan Gajah Sumatera (YAGASU) are protecting and restoring 2,305 hectares of native mangrove forest in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The Issuance and sale of blue carbon credits funds livelihoods and social programs to align community incentives with long term husbandry of this beautiful and biodiverse, coastal habitat.

For every USD 1 raised, one tree will be supported for one year. Handprint will purchase and retire 25 kg CO2e of OxCarbon certified blue carbon credits for this support. Proofs of retirement are available to companies and individuals sponsoring these retirements on ready request. Larger buyers may connect to Global Mangrove Trust and/or Handprint to retire credits directly.

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Blue Carbon conservation at 001-OxC

since Aug 2022
  • 4,647

    trees planted for one year

  • 2,324 tCO2e

    absorbed for full project lifecycle

  • 19,362,904 km

    equivalent of driving

  • 2,305 ha

    area protected

About 001-OxC

The Global Mangrove Trust Restoration and Conservation Project in North Sumatra (001-OxC) is the inaugural blue carbon conservation project launched under the OxCarbon Standard by YAGASU and The Global Mangrove Trust Ltd (GMT) with support from Marex Asia Ltd. 001-OxC is a conservation and restoration climate action project regenerating coastal mangrove ecosystems with robust livelihood generation and social program components.

You can now sponsor mangrove trees in YAGASU’s flagship blue carbon project, paving the way for the next-generation of science based climate action. Your sponsorships will enable Handprint to retire carbon credits in your name while creating social and biodiversity co-benefits.

Project Location

Project Stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 95
  • On land biodiversity

  • 85
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 85
  • Social Impact

  • 75
  • Gender equality

  • 75

Why this project matters locally

Global Mangrove Trust and YAGASU are working together with the local communities in to increase resilience of the most vulnerable ecosystems and eliminate emissions from mangrove deforestation. 001-OxC conserves and restores a rich forest area with twisting tidal rivers, numerous wading birds, forest animals, and amphibians.

Hosting diverse flora and fauna, mangroves form the heart of this forest and perform critical functions as a bower for life. Sadly, rampant deforestation has put this area under threat from coastal erosion and habitat loss.

001-OxC is Yagasu's pilot blue carbon project verified by the Kumi Analytics Carbon Sequestration Assessment Tool (KACSAT) with credit issuance under Oxcarbon Principles and the IHS Markit registry. 001-OxC is paving the way for the next-generation science-based approach to scalable blue carbon management in SouthEast Asia.

Why this project matters globally

Mangrove forests have a strategic function – connecting and balancing terrestrial and marine ecosystems – where plants, animals and various nutrients are transferred to land or sea through mangroves.

A primary objective of 001-OxC is to decrease deforestation-related carbon emissions and increase carbon capture, using a space-based monitoring regime (KACSAT), certified by OxCarbon. Trees supported through this page will fund the retirement of blue carbon credits. Handprint retires these carbon credits on S&P's IHS Markit registry.

Given the high degree of monitoring and the continuous afforestation efforts, two trees in this project are forecasted to absorb at least 1 ton of carbon over 20 years of forest growth. This is around 5 times more than other terrestrial forests.

Project Stories


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    Planting and nursery work is supported by expert foresters and a large contingent of local women's groups.

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    Pre and post-project data is collected and will be published for open-access public review.

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    Supporting the local community

    Mangrove restoration will ensure long-term livelihoods for local silvofishery businesses, thereby discouraging deforestation.

Sustainable Development Goals Supported by 001-OxC

No Poverty
Mangrove forestry conservation provides local communities with long and stable jobs
Zero hunger
Mangroves support reappearance of game for subsistence hunting and lower the salinity of coastal waters which increases local fish stocks.
quality education
001-OxC promotes sustainability education of local communities and trains people in forestry management.
Gender Equality
Women form a majority of the workforce at Yagasu and are a driving force behind the nurseries
Decent work and economic growth
People working at the nurseries and as forest rangers are well paid, which supports local economic development.
reduced inequalities
By supporting regeneration in rural areas, we reduce inequality and create economic opportunities outside the richer urbanized regions
sustainable cities and communities
Well-maintained mangrove forests and their benefits, like the cultivation of commercially sellable orchids, aquaculture, fishing, honey, support sustainable communities.
responsible consumption and production
Fair agreements are in place with the communities and the village chiefs to ensure they reap financial rewards of taking care of the forest
climate action
Mangrove forests absorb up to 4 times more carbon than terrestrial forests. We forecast close to 1,400 tons per ha.
life below water
Mangrove roots are the secret ingredient here as they filter pollution from the seas and present an ideal location for sea-life to reproduce and thrive.
Life On Land
The entire food chain is present in well-kept mangrove forests, from plant eaters, to smaller and larger predators, as well as a lot of varied bird life.
Partnerships for the goals
We obtained all permissions, including SRN registration, from the local and national government to execute carbon-sequestering forest conservation activities.


Our methodology is backed by state of the art science. We use advanced algorithms for carbon calculations, and track impact with remote sensing and machine learning.

With our science partners, Global Mangrove Trust and Kumi Analytics, we’re working at the cutting edge of how to measure carbon absorption from space, driving change to make climate finance accessible to the humblest communities.

Every three months, quantified impact progress updates collected via Handprint's mobile application will be made publicly accessible, making all impact claims evidence-based and scientifically valid.

Financial Transparency

We use a mobile app to confirm delivery of all funds to the field.

All tree purchases made through this platform will be used to fund the restoration and afforestation work of Yagasu. For every 1 USD raised, Handprint will retire 25kg of OxCarbon credits. The names of the companies and individuals contributing to these carbon retirements are available to contributors from Handprint upon request. Large buyers will have to option to retire credits directly.

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