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Salient Label regenerates the planet 🌎

For every purchase, Salient Label is planting 1 mangrove tree 🌱 in Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Project description

Yagasu has over two decades of experience in mangrove reforestation in coastal ecosystems. Mangrove trees are arguably the most efficient carbon sequestration technology we have on earth. The trees form deep roots underground that solidify the soil and end up storing close to 75% of the carbon there.

We are moving through successive reforestation work from the North Island to the Interior Groves, planting a variety of mangrove species cultivated in the local nursery and imported from across East Java. In tandem with the mangrove planting work, we’re supporting a women’s artisanal mangrove project for local aquaculture and a silviofishery program with the local cast net fisherman.

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Leaders of Yagasu

Bambang Suprayogi

Owner and CEO

Meilinda Suriani Harefa

Program Manager

Anton Siregar

Mangroves Reforestation Manager

Grace Yanti Panjaitan

Research and Monitoring Manager

Besides storing heaps of carbon, mangroves also create beautiful habitats where wildlife can thrive. In addition, coastal communities develop economic activities in harmony with mangrove forests such as crab farming and sustainable fisheries. Yagasu works with them to develop these livelihood projects. This ensures that people do not need to return to the chopping down of trees to earn a living. This is how we build long-term sustainable impact.

One of the highest impact-to-dollar ratio

You may wonder, why are we, a Singaporean retail company supporting mangrove reforestation in Indonesia?
And that is a fair question. For us, the reason is simple. Climate change is a global problem. The climate does not really care whether we remove carbon from the atmosphere in Miami or in Indonesia. But, if we do it in Indonesia, the secondary benefits, in terms of livelihood support and local economic development are vastly greater than if we work in Miami (where they also have mangroves).
Moreover, Indonesia is also very exposed to adverse weather effects (remember the 2004 tsunami?) and mangroves are proven to diminish the impact cyclones, tsunamis, and hurricanes have once they hit land. These are truly miracle trees.

Join the Generation Regeneration

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