SaladStop! Proves Customers Want Regenerative Options

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SaladStop! made a simple adjustment by partnering with Handprint to meet their goal of new and existing locations achieving zero emissions by 2030. 

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Who Is SaladStop!

“For us, every bowl that you enjoy is the result and catalyst of a positive cycle of change.” -SaladStop! 

SaladStop! started in 2009 with the mission to EAT WIDE AWAKE. As a corporation, they wanted to elevate their customer’s consciousness and nutrition. Through Handprint technology, they continue to exceed customer expectations.  

How SaladStop! Grows A Handprint

The Problem: How do you exceed customers’ expectations after opening a zero-emission retail location? 

SaladStop!’s core values have always focused on planet positivity and sustainable business solutions. In 2022, SaladStop! opened the first-of-its-kind retail location that was a net zero outlet located within the CapitaSpring Building, Singapore. Opening the doors to this location proved to SaladStop! faithful consumers, they were working towards their goal of all locations being zero emissions by 2030. 

At this point, they’re offering customers a healthy meal and a net zero outlet, but the question persists of how can they do more.

Integrate Impact Into Retail Operations

To go above and beyond their customer’s expectations, SaladStop! works with Handprint and gives customers an option at check out to offset their meal. With a per-meal contribution of SGD 0.20, each consumer is offsetting their purchase and will see the following message at checkout:

We have partnered with green tech firm Handprint to support a mangrove reforestation project in Indonesia. To go climate-positive means to go beyond carbon offsetting. Your contribution will remove 20 times more CO2e from the atmosphere than required to make your meal. The planet thanks you!

SaladStop! proceeds to match all contributions, and integrate impact through Handprint.

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Results In Real-Time

Since working with Handprint, Saladstop! has witnessed a 5% increase in customers using the climate-positive button at checkout. SaladStop! has taken Handprint’s technology offline and also installed a counter in their CapitaSpring Singapore outlet which displays a real-time update of their impact contributions. 

The technology continues to generate successful implementation and working with Handprint partner, Yayasan Gajah Sumatera, Saladstop! has planted more than 400 trees in Indonesia.

SaladStop! Key Takeaways

SaladStop! is on the front lines of being a mindful regenerative business. They are a true leader for food & beverage establishments and prove regardless of industry, you can easily integrate planet positivity. 

In one year of working with Handprint, SaladStop! has achieved:

  • Planting 488 trees
  • Absorbing 113 of tCO2

The regenerative economy is here to stay. Are you a retailer, or F&B wanting to take planet positive action? The time is now. Contact Handprint today and learn what solutions are on the horizon for your team.