Regenerative Fintech: The secret to winning over Gen Z and Millennials

regenerative fintech

Regeneration and Fintech? Yes, a perfect combination!

Fintech companies touch directly or indirectly on the lives of billions of people. As Fintech improves the cost-efficiency of providing financial services, financial services become available to an ever-larger group of people.

Between 2011 and 2021, global ownership of a bank account increased by 25%, from 51% to 76%, showing that more and more people who were previously unbanked are becoming banked and hence gaining access to financial services.


Despite the boom, Fintechs are struggling to attract and retain Gen Z and Millennial customers:

  • 87% Of bankers worry that ethics and environmental issues could push Gen Z users away from traditional providers.
  • 71% Of millennials consider changing to a more eco-friendly bank
  • 92% Of consumers worldwide think their bank should actively contribute to preserving the planet


In this guide, you can learn more about 

  • Your responsibility as a Fintech company
  • eROI (engagement ROI)
  • The case for a
Regenerative Payment vs Carbon Neutral Payment


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