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Why should I calculate my Handprint Target?

Calculating your Handprint Target benefits everyone: people, planet and profit

Why Use the Regeneration Calculator?
A More Comprehensive Approach

Go beyond carbon emissions

Footprint calculators typically only measure carbon emissions. Our methodology considers both carbon emissions and the broader ecological footprint, providing a more comprehensive view of your responsibility towards people and planet.

Align with Sustainable Development Goals

Choose SDGs that speak to your brand

By allowing you to select the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and critical bioregions that align with your brand's values, the Handprint Target Calculator helps you build a compelling narrative for your brand by contributing to your chosen SDGs.

Achieve Sustainable Socioeconomic Pathway Targets

Aligned to the Paris Agreement

Our methodology provides you with three USD$ target figures compatible with different warming and sustainable socioeconomic pathways, helping you align your actions with the IPCC sustainable development scenarios. We recommend the target most closely aligned with staying under 1.5 °C of warming above pre-industrial levels by 2050.

What is the Handprint Target Calculator?

A powerful tool that enables companies to understand their ESG goals by contributing to the most suitable UN Sustainable Development Goals

What is the Regenerative Target Calculator?

This tool helps companies measure impact on the environment. It calculates your ecological responsibility by considering both carbon emissions and broader ecological factors.

The result is a dollar figure that enables you to act towards your ecological responsibility and contribute to a sustainable and just future for all.

How to Use the Handprint Calculator

Calculate Your Handprint Target and Discover Impact Projects

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Select SDGs and critical bioregions that align with your your business strategy

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Step 2

Enter your company details and number of employees

This helps us determine your broad ecological impact on the planet.

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Step 3

Review the impact projects provided and target figures

We’ll suggest three USD$ target figures compatible with different shared socioeconomic pathways (SSPs) and warming scenarios, and match you to impact projects that speak to your brand’s values.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Handprint Target Calculator

What is the Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals established by the United Nations to promote sustainable development worldwide. These goals cover a range of social, economic, and environmental issues, such as eradicating poverty and hunger, promoting health and well-being, reducing inequality, combating climate change, and preserving biodiversity.
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How does the Handprint Target Calculator determine ecological responsibility?
The Regenerative Target Calculator determines ecological responsibility by calculating the global social cost of carbon per capita weighted by the number of people and the country's ecological footprint divided by the sustainable level of the ecological footprint. This gives us a USD$ per person per country figure, which can be multiplied by the number of employees in a company to determine its ecological responsibility.
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How does the Handprint Target Calculator match me with sustainable projects?
You can select the SDGs and critical bioregions that align with your company's values, and we will match you with sustainable projects that you can contribute to.
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What sets Handprint targets apart from other sustainability tools?
Regenerative targets take a more holistic approach to sustainability by focusing on building natural capital and improving communities. They go beyond just reducing carbon emissions and take into account the broader impacts that businesses can have on society and the environment.
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What public information is used by the Handprint Target Calculator?
The Regenerative Target Calculator relies on public information:
  1. Population, GDP, consumption, and historical emission data provided by World Bank’s World Development Indicators.
  2. The Climate Action Tracker’s global emissions gap data.
  3. Historical emission data since 1997 (Kyoto Protocol signing) from the Our World in Data project.
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How can linking my Handprint target to my business help me make a positive impact?
By linking your target to your business, you can create a clear alignment between your profit and your positive impact on society and the environment. This can help you build a stronger brand reputation, attract customers who are interested in sustainable products and services, and build a more resilient business in the long run.
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