Revolutionizing Advertising: Uber Eats Joins Teads Care, Making Every Ad Count

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Regenerative Sustainability in the World of Advertising

Amazing waves of change are making their way to the advertising and marketing industries. As regenerative sustainability takes hold across the world, they are now embracing the act of growing their positive handprint as a new competitive advantage, rather than simply reducing their negative carbon footprints.

In our previous post, we shared the inspiring story of Teads Care, an initiative that turned advertising into a force for good. In this program, advertisers working with Teads will donate 10% of their media budget to support an NGO, which is then matched by Teads. This budget is then used to promote their own campaigns in which donations are collected. This allows advertisers to create a strong emotional connection with consumers by linking the companies to relevant and meaningful causes. This way, brands can make a positive impact on the planet while simultaneously connecting with their audience in a meaningful way. The first client to join the Teads Care program was FoodPanda. 

Today, there’s a new addition to the amazing Teads Care program: Uber Eats!

Uber Eats Joins Teads Care Program Powered By Handprint

Uber Eats, the renowned food delivery and takeout giant, has joined forces with Teads Care, supported by Handprint, to make a meaningful difference in the world.

By investing a portion of their advertising budget into the NGO Good Neighbors Japan, Uber Eats is now leaving a meaningful, lasting impact on society. Good Neighbors Japan is a non-profit organization that provides “good rice bowls” to single-parent households in need, ensuring that struggling families can adequately provide for their children.

This is an amazing opportunity for Uber Eats’ associated brand perception in the eyes of their target audiences, since Good Neighbors Japan is deeply aligned with Uber Eats’ values by doing the timeless, important work of bringing food to others.

Differentiating from Competitors: Uber Eats and Teads Care

In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, consumers expect brands to stand for something more than just profit.

By partnering with Teads Care and Handprint, Uber Eats has successfully differentiated itself from its competitors and crafted a compelling brand story that resonates with its audience. Through this collaboration, Uber Eats is not only satisfying customers’ appetites, but also simultaneously nourishing the lives of those in need.

Handprint: The Catalyst for Guaranteed Positive Impact

Handprint, the driving force behind this remarkable initiative, offers a suite of powerful tools and features that enable real-time digital quantification and trustworthy auditing of positive impact.

Brands that embrace Handprint are empowered with a market-leading dollar-to-impact ratio, ensuring that their advertising investments make a tangible difference for people and the planet. 

Furthermore, Handprint’s automatic integrations ensure impact can easily and seamlessly be integrated into business activities, while its visualizations in the form of graphs, counters, photos and videos make positive impact immediately tangible and communicable to any stakeholder.

The Impact Made

Thanks to the Teads Care campaign powered by Handprint, Uber Eats has made a significant impact in the lives of Japanese families. So far, the campaign has provided an impressive 150 good rice bowls, benefiting 50 children who would otherwise struggle to eat and be nourished. It’s important to remember that these are not mere numbers – they represent real, positive change in the world for many of those who need it most.

Measuring Success: The Key Take-Outs

To measure the campaign’s success, Uber Eats enlisted the expertise of Walnut, a leading research agency specializing in neuroscience, behavioral science, and data science.

Walnut uses advanced technology to reveal a customer’s subconscious brand associations on a deeper level by analyzing views’ reaction times when asked whether they agree with various statements about the brand.

Positive Results & Uplifting Brand Image

Integrating the Teads Care ad format powered by Handprint into Uber Eats’ advertising strategy led to a remarkable improvement in key performance indicators, significantly impacting marketing and advertising metrics.

The campaign showed the following impressive brand-boosting results:

  • A 20% increase in the perception that Uber Eats “Promotes good values.”
  • A heartwarming 36% increase in the perception that Uber Eats “Delivers joy.”
  • A significant 31% increase in the likelihood that consumers would “Recommend this brand.”

The overall performance of the campaign showed the following:

  • 0.33% Click through rate versus the benchmark of 0.25%
  • 72.5% viewability rate versus the benchmark of 70%


Key Findings & Success: A Better Brand Association

The success of Teads Care lies in its subtle yet powerful optimizations, where optimized ads significantly improved brand perceptions related to caring for customers and promoting good values.

Even attributes that traditionally scored below the desired threshold in the original ads, such as “supports good causes,” were uplifted to reach the minimum threshold through the Teads Care format.

Consumers are now engaging with the ad at higher rates, while the “halo effect” leads to an overall improvement in brand perception in which Uber Eats is now seen as a more positive, uplifting, and responsible brand, as was objectively measured by Walnut’s technology.

This is to say nothing of the real positive impact on people and planet that Uber Eats created – just by sharing a small portion of their advertising budget with an NGO they are aligned with!

Join the Regenerative Economy: A Movement That’s Here to Stay

With the groundbreaking collaboration between Teads and Handprint, regenerative advertising has now become a reality. Imagine if every advertiser in the world contributed to the well-being of the planet in this way – all while boosting brand image and meaningfully engaging their audience!

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

If you are a brand or advertising agency that believes in the potential of regenerative advertising, it’s time to join the movement.

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