Regeneration First

30 years of ”corporate sustainability” have left our earth in a dire state. 

Biodiversity loss, planetary fever, floods, wildfires, draughts, melting ice caps, dying corals,… the list goes on

We need a new approach.


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  • To Achieve Different Outcomes
  • We Need to Shift our Priorities
  • By using Natural and Digital Technologies
  • Powered by Economies of Collective Action
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Doom spiral

The planet has a carbon budget. How much time do we have left until we run out?

Let’s grow our Handprint

I’m sure you heard about a carbon footprint. It is the sum of all the actions we take that have a negative impact on the planet. We consume electricity, we drive to work, we fly to our holiday destination, we waste food and plastic and so on. All these actions create a negative impact that can be expressed in CO2 equivalent.The more CO2 ends up in the atmosphere, the more the planet heats up and the more we will be exposed to wildfires, floods, erosion, infectious diseases, watter shortages, extreme weather and so on.

To maximize our chances of avoiding climate collapse, governments, companies, and individuals must work together to do two things. 1) We need to reduce all activities that are associated with carbon emissions. 2) We need to increase the earth’s capacity to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Point one is reducing your footprint, and it is largely the job of primary industries, electricity, and transport companies. Point two, is growing a handprint. It is everybody’s job. Let’s get started!

Generation Regeneration

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