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regenerates forest ecosystems
by planting new trees

For every purchase, Carbon Neutral is planting 1 tree in Perenjori, Australia. 

Forest Regeneration numbers so far

Project stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 70
  • On land biodiversity

  • 80
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 20
  • Social Impact

  • 60
  • Gender equality

  • 0

Why restore the forests?

Forests are vital to our lives on the planet. They cover about 31 percent of the global land area. But many trees still get destroyed daily either through farming or industrial activities. Therefore, forest regeneration is needed to restore the balance in local ecosystems and maintain the biodiversity of species.

Research has shown that planting billions of trees across the world is one of the most cost-efficient methods of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis.

Why support Carbon Neutral’s forest regeneration projects

Carbon Neutral’s mission is to reduce carbon emissions by implementing large-scale reforestation projects that restore landscapes, preserve biodiversity and sequester atmospheric carbon.  The 200 km green corridor will connect 12 nature reserves from the hinterland to the coast across a 10,000 km2 area. Beyond storing carbon, this project contributes up to $63 million AUD in biodiversity value and up to $30 million AUD in regional economic impact over the lifetime of the project.

Collectively, Carbon Neutral has 20 years of experience in the carbon industry and they have planted over 30 million trees. They are the first Australian reforestation project to achieve the prestigious Gold Standard certification and created Australia’s first online carbon calculator.

Why forest regeneration matters

In the Western Australian wheatbelt, the development of intensive agricultural systems has profoundly changed the landscape. Over 90% of the northern wheatbelt of Western Australia has been cleared, on a massive scale which is depleting groundwater in so many areas. The remaining vegetation is insufficient as a habitat and food source for the variety of threatened species in this changing environment.

Therefore, the establishment of plantations and conservation areas will improve the soil and water quality of the project area. It will also provide several threatened species with habitat for food, nests and protection from predators, encouraging them to transition into the local ecosystem.

Join the Regeneration Generation

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