Marketers have for too long remained on the sustainability sidelines. While we have often told great stories, our jobs have so far failed to directly improve sustainable development. That has changed. Introducing… Planet Positive Ad Campaigns.

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Choose a Project. Design an Ad. Make an Impact.

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How it works



Teads & Handprint joined forces

Teads, the Global Media Platform, and Handprint are empowering millions of advertisers to create planet positive digital marketing campaigns.

Direct Connection To Causes


Design your ad. Choose your impact  

Create your ad like you always do, add one of our impact designs or create your own.


The Familiar Teads Environment

Teads’ technology takes care of the ads’ visibility like always. No need to add new software or manage additional accounts.

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Handprint’s credible magic

We automate and integrate impact contributions per 1,000 impressions your ads generate. The more people view your ad, the more your positive impact grows.

Pricing model


A regenerative pledge per 1,000 impressions.


Reach out to co-develop a unique campaign with tailored impact contributions

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Planet Positive advertising, what else?

You’re in good company

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