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Customers are voting with their wallets… and they’re choosing companies who push for a greener world.

Going green as a company can be intimidating at first. Who do you trust? How exactly can you make an impact? Is it possible to do all this while actually growing your business?

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Transparent And Automated Impact Solution

That’s why we have built an open, transparent, and automated solution for you.

Meet Handprint. We’re a SaaS company but we actually prefer to call ourselves Impact as a Service. We empower companies like yours to make a positive impact by connecting you with projects that align with your values, ranging from forestry, coral reef reconstruction, over breeding programs and plastic removal, to targeted education and disaster relief.

We connect companies to causes, directly, which reduces intermediary costs

With Handprint, you get real-time access to photos, videos, and tweets uploaded by our impact partners via the Impact Stories feature on your Handprint dashboard. You can also share impact metrics such as trees planted, projected carbon absorption, biodiversity support, economic value, and more to your digital assets using our APIs.

Direct Connection To Causes