Orange Money Europe: Engaging Audiences With Authentic Impactful Content

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Orange Money Europe, the mobile money service by Orange SA, partnered with Handprint to drive social and environmental impact in Madagascar while achieving significant business results.

Orange Money Europe aimed to  incentivize money transfers from France to Madagascar by committing 5% of their revenue to support local reforestation projects in Madagascar. They believe by pledging such commitment, this will create an incentive for users to choose their services over competition and at the same time create a unique position in the Fintech sector.

Engaging An Audience Screaming For Purpose

Through authentic content provided by Handprint’s Impact Partner Federation Miaramientagna in Madagascar, Orange Money Europe was able to share the real-life impact of their mangrove restoration. The brand opted to run a 6 month content marketing campaign on Facebook showcasing a series of educational and inspirational content to their audience. This not only resonated with their audience but also showcased Orange Money’s commitment to proactively regenerate Nature.

Orange Money’s initiative wasn’t just about transactions; it was about engaging their audience and community in Social Media to help them spread their message. This approach positioned Orange Money as more than just a financial service but as a catalyst for social and environmental change.

The social media campaign outperformed any previous marketing efforts, achieving a +25% increase in engagement on Orange Money’s Facebook page.

Regenerating the Planet One Mangrove at a Time

Mangrove trees are not only vital in terms of their exceptional capacity to store organic carbon, holding three to five times more carbon than tropical upland forests, but they also serve as essential habitats for a diverse range of marine species, including fish and crabs, contributing to the overall health of the marine food chain.

The mangrove excels at capturing carbon in two ways: it stores CO2 in its structure and fosters the growth of microbial mats in its intricate root system. These mats eagerly absorb CO2 from the air, while graciously providing us with oxygen in return. That’s what makes mangroves such remarkable allies in combating climate change. 

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Furthermore, these resilient ecosystems provide natural buffers, safeguarding coastal communities from the destructive forces of hurricanes and storms. By preserving and restoring mangroves, we can simultaneously address climate change, conserve biodiversity, protect coastal areas, and support sustainable livelihoods for local communities, highlighting the significant ecological and economic benefits they offer.

The Federation Miaramientagna (“All Together” in Malagasy”) is a registered association formed of 12 community groups managing 6,000 hectares of mangroves in Tsimipaika Bay. Since 2016, the community groups have turned the tide against deforestation and replanted over 1,000 hectares of deforested mangroves. Each group is responsible for managing their mangroves with their own conservation, sustainable management, and reforestation plans, as well as completing patrols to prevent illegal logging. They coordinate diversified livelihoods for their communities, including beekeeping, aquaculture and alternative fuelwood plantations to ease the market demand for mangrove charcoal. 

Federation Madagascar

  • Location: Antsakoamanondro, Ambanja, Madagascar
  • Impact partner: Federation Miaramientagna (Malagasy for All together)
  • Village: Ampondrabe, Maropamba, Andrahibo, Ampampana and Andilamboay
  • GPS coordinate: 13°32’38″S 48°32’16″E
  • Mangroves planted: 5,232 mangrove propagules out of 6,162
  • CO2e absorption rate: 131.13 kg of CO2e per tree over 20-25 years
  • Direct beneficiaries: 514 community members


Orange Money’s campaign exemplifies the power of using social media to drive positive change. By integrating regenerative sustainability into their core operations and storytelling, Orange Money not only achieved significant business results but also set a new standard for purpose-driven initiatives in the financial services industry. As other companies seek to make a meaningful difference, Orange Money stands as a beacon of inspiration for engaging customers and driving social impact through authentic storytelling.

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