Noicecare Background


At NOICE we’re not just big on SUSTAINABILITY. We think that to do good, we should act with REGENERATION in mind.

That’s why we follow simple circular economy principles, meaning it’s not just about using, discarding and (sometimes) recycling, it’s about re-thinking the whole process of taking resources responsibly, re-thinking how/what we make, use, re-use, re-pair, re-cycle and re-purpose, over and over and over again… All of that to ensure we create low waste, protect and regenerate our planet’s resources.

Noice Linear Recycling Circular Illustration

If you want to nerd out about circular economy, the Ellen McArthur Foundation has written an excellent article on the topic.

So what does it mean for NOICE?


Our Packaging: delivering toothpaste straight to your doorstep takes some shipping boxes. Well, all NOICE bottles are packaged in FSC-certified cardboard boxes, so you know they come from wood that is sustainably managed and forests are not decimated.

Our ingredients: are not animal derived (a leading cause of CO2 emissions), they are naturally derived from plants and totally cruelty-free, that’s why NOICE is proudly leaping bunny certified. Where possible, our ingredients are 100% organic, meaning they come from a type of agriculture which protects the health and promotes the regeneration of our soils.

Organic active ingredients, Sustainable forest sourcing, and cruelty free… Sign us up!


UUnrecyclable toothpaste tubes are so last year! NOICE toothpaste comes in glass bottles that don’t just look pretty in your bathroom: they’re fossil-fuel free & 100% recyclable. Our screw caps made of aluminum are fully recyclable too. Every bottle will contribute to eliminating the 300 Million toothpaste tubes that end up in UK landfills every year, and the microplastics pollution that comes with it.


Your first NOICE bottle comes with a re-usable pump that fits onto NOICE Refill bottles. This re-use model promotes a clean oral care routine, eliminating single-use plastic waste.


We allocate a percentage of every purchase towards regenerative restoration project in Nigeria.

Regenerative projects go one step further than carbon offsetting projects. Not only do they help manage resources, so as not to deplete them, they look to restore and renew environmental ecosystems. Every business that cares even a little should already calculate, offset and look to reduce its carbon footprint but a healthy planet is not just about CO2 emissions, it’s about enabling life and protecting nature and biodiversity wherever we can. So we work with our partner, Handprint, on a reforestation and rewilding project in Southern Nigeria. You can track the progress we’re making – with your purchases – Handprint’s website – check it out here.


NOICE went through a rigorous auditing process to become an ETHY ACCREDITED, scrutinising how our products, business model and operations contribute to a stable climate, a clean planet, healthy people, thriving communities, animal welfare and responsible usage and production of resources.