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regenerates the planet by replanting mangroves

SeaTrees is plants mangrove trees in Padaidori island, Indonesia. 

Mangrove reforestation numbers so far

Project stats

  • CO2 Carbon Capture

  • 85
  • On land biodiversity

  • 80
  • Underwater biodiversity

  • 75
  • Social Impact

  • 75
  • Gender equality

  • 80

Why mangrove reforestation?

Reforestation has long been regarded as one of the most effective countermeasures to  stop climate change. Mostly due to the ability of trees to trap and utilise CO2. Among the millions of tree species on the planet, mangrove trees are widely tipped as a solution to the climate crisis. This is because mangrove trees are capable of storing four times more carbon beneath the soil than tropical trees.

Mangrove reforestation is also important for the purpose of regenerating local ecosystems. Mangrove trees contribute to the socio-economic opportunities for local communities around. Finally, planting mangrove trees protects the ecosystem, especially swampy habitats and restores the natural scenery that supports diverse wildlife and vegetation.

Why support mangrove reforestation with SeaTrees

SeaTrees is a project run by Sustainable Surf. Currently, the project is restoring about 46 hectares of highly degraded mangrove forest. The main aim of the SeaTrees project is to regenerate and protect native mangrove forests in the Biak Region of West Papua, Indonesia.

Since June 2019, SeaTrees has been collaborating with Eden Reforestation Projects and local residents to plant new mangrove trees. Senior SeaTrees staff visit the region annually to engage with the local community and assess the planting sites. This ensures that the project positively impacts ecosystems, supports local indigenous communities, and sequesters carbon to reverse climate change.

SeaTrees achieved its first major goal on Earth day 2021 after it successfully planted one million trees.

Why mangrove reforestation matters

The SeaTrees project supports the following sustainable development goals:
SDG1: No Poverty
There were a few stable jobs on Padaidori Island before the planting project. Now, 55 people are employed as planters and ‘forest guards’.
This steady source of employment will lift at least 55 families out of poverty and out of the bottom 40% of the Indonesian economy.
SDG13: Climate Change
Climate change threatens all societies on the planet and carbon sequestration through trees and forests is one of the most effective methods to check climate change. At the SeaTrees site on Padaidori Island, 225,000 mangrove trees are planted each year. Over the next 25 years, the trees would have sequestered over 70,000 tons of CO2. Below are the key metrics of the project so far:

Every 30 mangrove trees planted in this project:

  • Creates 1 day of living-wage employment for local community members, helping to support 55 families
  • Provides resources for local education
  • Protects local villages from storm surges and rising sea levels
  • Serves as critical nursery grounds for fish and shellfish, and increases local marine productivity


Project Managers

Kevin Headshot

Kevin Whilden

Co-founder and Director

Kevin is a green business entrepreneur and geologist. His passion is solving the problem of climate change and understanding how complex systems work. His career has spanned across: research in Antarctica, carbon offset policy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and clean tech startups developing technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Kevin is interested in lifestyle solutions to climate change, like biodiesel fuel, permaculture, and solar energy.

Michael Headshot

Michael Stewart

Co-founder and Director

Michael is a serial social entrepreneur who spent the last decade transforming the culture and business of surfing into a truly sustainable model. His previous experience involved managing energy efficiency certification programs, developing partnerships with Fortune 500 brands, and integrating real-time CO2 footprint data. Michael is passionate about the surfing experience and the pure joy that comes with sliding around on waves.

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