Marketing Manager

Remote, Singapore

Company Description

Handprint is Technology Powering Regeneration. Founded in 2019 by Ryan and Simon, our two sustainability PhDs and tech entrepreneur Mathias, we are all passionate about creating a better world. Our startup is now growing and we’re looking for sustainability enthusiasts with strong business skills to join our team.

Why choose us?
Our ambition is to save the planet: while Sustainability focuses on reducing our negative impact, Regeneration is about growing our positive impact – our handprint.
Because we know creating regenerative businesses may be easier said than done, we developed cutting edge technology that makes regeneration simple for every business. And affordable too.
In concrete terms, we create a direct connection between companies and NGOs. On the one hand, companies can seamlessly fund projects with every operation (sale, emails, new followers, etc.) On the other hand, they receive live data of their impact, which they can use for their marketing efforts.
Imagine for a moment that any organisation can plant 50 trees with each sale, or remove 10 kg of plastic from the environment with each newsletter subscription. This is the work that wakes us each day with true purpose and passion.

To join Handprint is to embrace our values:
Authenticity, Impact, Exploration, Positivity, Empathy
We believe a profitable company has the power to benefit People, Planet and global Prosperity. To this end, we provide our team with a stimulating work environment, intense learning loops, flexibility, and ample opportunities for growth. We can’t wait to meet you!

Our Ideal candidate

You are a top-level storyteller, crafter, data explorer, and an experienced digital native.
At Handprint, marketing is about understanding people while building awareness about how our products/services meet clients’ needs. We’re seeking an experienced, versatile Communications & Marketing Manager to develop and execute strategies to drive brand visibility while managing and inspiring a growing team.
You have 5 years experience building and maintaining a strong and consistent brand through a wide range of online and offline marketing channels.
You possess a solid knowledge of web analytics tools and paid advertising. You are digitally literate, and you are also comfortable with numbers.
You demonstrate a good sense of aesthetic, a love for great copy and witty communication.
You are totally comfortable with tight deadlines, changing needs and multitasking. You are ready to work extra time during busy times.
Your experience in a startup, SaaS or B2B company will be highly valuable.

How this role drives positive impact
Marketing is a powerful tool; it’s up to us to use it as a force for good. At Handprint, we want to change the way we think and talk about climate change, the way we fight it. This requires a shift of mindset, in behaviours, influence, inspiration… This is where you have an instrumental role to play!
“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” – Malcolm Gladwell

The Job Responsibilities
– Plan and execute Communications & Marketing strategies across networks and channels to engage, educate, delight, and inspire. Become the Handprint voice – what we say, how and where.
– Coordinate across teams (Sales, Product, Customer Success,…) to align campaigns with product launches and client needs.
– Manage the Communications & Marketing budget.
– Track and analyse our campaigns’ performance with web analytics tools; provide weekly KPI reporting.
– Lead, grow and train the Communications & Marketing team.

Minimum qualifications
– 5 years’ experience running successful Communications & Marketing campaigns – including digital campaigns.
– Experience managing budgets and content in Paid Media (Google Search, Facebook ads, etc).
– Team player and leader, with great interpersonal, goal-setting, and communication skills .
– Experienced with Social Media channels, Google Analytics, Paid Ads.
– Data-driven, strong skills in analysing consumer behavior and defining customer personas.

Preferred qualifications
– Degree in Business, Marketing, Communications or related fields.
– Experience shaping KOL campaigns and webinars, building thought leadership.
– International PR network and/or direct connections to journalists and mainstream media.

Job Details
– Employee Type: Full Time
– Experience: 5+ years of experience.
– Remuneration: Competitive salary, stock options, health insurance, CPF (Singapore)