Learn How Handprint Is The Digital Solution to Sustainability

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Learn How Digitalization And Sustainability Converge Seamlessly

The time is now to grab sustainable solutions that elevate your business in the digital age. Consumers and employees alike perform most tasks from the palm of their hand, opening a door to instant connections. While this digital age opens doors, it also assists in removing harmful barriers and further environmental devastation.

For decades, scientists have sounded the alarm on the ongoing environmental crisis. The methods we have grown accustomed to are no longer working, and the time to act is now.

Enter Handprint with a regenerative solution that easily partners with clients and takes the guesswork out of sustainable digital conversion.

A growing community of folks, ranging from consumers who want engaging and mindful brands, to employees wanting a sense of pride in knowing their teams, are hungry for better, more sustainable strategies and products. Instead of quick fixes with little or no results, Handprint is blazing a trail proving anyone can contribute to a more regenerative life.

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What Is Digital Sustainability?

Every day we dial into our phones or laptops. Why not maximize your screen time with conscientious sustainable actions? With small steps that fit into your routine, the world of digital sustainability is one of abundant potential.

Push Past The Paper: Understanding Digital Regeneration

Digital sustainability is the act of businesses reducing their environmental impact by utilizing technology.

Handprint has approached digital sustainability by linking KPIs, or the targets of your business, to real-time results. Instead of waiting to see a quarterly report, the actions you do today will start a ripple effect tomorrow.

The Keys To A Digital Sustainability Campaign

Handprint gives clients the tool for successful digital sustainability. Handprint makes it simple. The key to unlocking a digital sustainability campaign is intertwining with goals and KPIs, or tasks that employees and customers already do naturally.

If you are planning on shopping on an e-commerce platform, why not also watch your purchases transfer to a mangrove reforestation project, or contribute to a coral regrowth project? These scenarios are all turning into a reality for Handprint clients and consumers.

Handprint removes the tedious planning and budgeting that intimidates clients from starting a regenerative mindset. With these concerns eliminated, clients can focus on growing their impact simultaneously with their bottom line.

Handprint strives to connect with various industries, remaining transparent not just to them but also in the media. For this to happen, automatized and quantified impact reporting are a core foundation of digital-sustainable ideology.

When researching sustainability, the terms carbon offset or how to become carbon neutral are plentiful yet vague. Handprint puts everything out in the open. Previous leaders in this sector have focused on reaching carbon neutrality – the point at which a company’s emissions become zero or, more realistically, are compensated by carbon sequestration projects.

Clients and impact partners recognize the past is continuing to destroy the future. Right now, what matters is mindful impact projects, which Handprint provides. It is the opportunity to go one step further, and clients and our community encourage to make the world heal with each interaction.

A Global Connection

Another pillar of Handprint promoting the intertwining of technology and sustainability is through global connection. Instead of focusing on impact projects in clients’ neighborhoods – grasp opportunities that have a global impact. For example, instead of financing tree planting in a residential area, or doing a beach clean-up in Europe- the same budget could fund impact projects in South East Asia or Africa, where the same dollar value gets you a lot more impact.

Handprint believes in regrowing the planet’s natural reserves. If we can increase the prevalence of protected nature reserves from 17% to 30%, we effectively kick-start the planet’s regeneration. These types of contributions are felt for generations to come and drive home the passionate mindset of a regenerative first sustainable economy.

Handprint Digital Sustainability Case Studies

two men are planting trees and watering them to help increase oxygen in the air and reduce global t20 vREL3l

Lazada+Tree Planting

Handprint partnered with Lazada and was able to digitize tree planting. For every 1 RSVP, Lazada palnned to plant one tree, which resulted in a simple merger of technology and sustainability. It was easy for guests and Lazada to incorporate, plus it didn’t block anyone from enjoying the Lazada event.

Teads+Sustainability Advertising

Handprint believes all advertising can connect to digital sustainability. Teads embraces this opportunity by utilizing a culmination of data from Handprint partners and campaigns to build a bespoke advertiser-branded public donation page for one of their clients. Together Handprint and Teads will monitor, report, and visualize the real-world impact of the advertiser’s campaign; an exciting initiative for years to come. Teads kicked-off with their

Ultra Football+Regenerative Retail

Retail clients struggle to find a balance when engaging with digital sustainability. Instead of only focusing on the supply chain, transportation, and production – Handprint offers the chance to engage with consumers at the point of sale. Ultra Football, an Australian sporting goods store showcases specifically sustainability-marketed items to consumers. After adding the Handprint plug-in to their website, Ultra Football saw a conversion rate increase of 16%. They are already looking at how to integrate sustainable marketing that looks forward to building more consumer loyalty.

Handprint offers numerous impact partnerships that range from mangrove reforestation to water filtration for refugees. It allows each team to identify with their selected impact project and make a difference that will resonate from the top down in a corporate environment.

Handprint’s journey is only just beginning, and there is no time like the present to subscribe and partner with Handprint Tech. Our vision for the future is an inclusive regeneration that partners us with companies across a spectrum of industries and fields. Working with Handprint is a simple and effective way to regenerate our planet and protect the future we wish to see. Get in touch today and join forces to make a sustainable digital landscape that is to everyone’s benefit.