Learn How Handprint Can Grow Your Business In A Regenerative Economy

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Handprint is on a mission to grow with the world. We see a future of shame replaced with countless opportunities to regenerate the digital and physical landscape. 

Contributing to impact is easy, but if you are struggling to begin, you are not alone. For too long, society has walked a path of minimal change or responsibility. Handprint is an extension of inclusive abundance. When it comes to where your business fits in the future economy, we empower our partners to carve a space that nurtures the world around them. 

What Is Handprint?

Handprint is a regenerative software-as-a-service solution that is adaptable to any industry. Currently, we have fostered relationships with leading organizations in e-commerce, banking and financial services, hospitality, and many more. Handprint’s goal is to make every infrastructure regenerative without compromising your business’s profits. As you continue to grow, every step is also maximized with a selected impact project. With Handprint’s suite of solutions, building and maintaining momentum towards regenerating the planet becomes second nature.

What Is A Regenerative Business?

Handprint believes a regenerative business embraces small-scale actions for big impacts. It is how more businesses attract loyal consumers and strengthen brand identity.

As 2022 comes to a close, the horizon is dotted with a surge of companies joining a movement to have purposeful interactions. Consumers want to spend and be engaged with platforms that create change — which is where Handprint presents a unique identity. 

To understand Handprint’s vision of the future, we need to understand how the economy and environment have intersected in the past. 

The 3R’s Of The Future

When visualizing the future, a regenerative business views its profits as inclusive. As they grow in wealth, they also grow out in the wild and contribute to the 3Rs, Reserve, Rewild, and Restore. 

A Handprint partnership means that as you finesse backend processes and set employee KPIs, you also integrate an impact project of your choice. In return, Handprint provides real-time and automated reporting that doesn’t require additional budgeting or work force. As your team continues to flourish, so does your designated impact. 

Employees appreciate spending time on worthwhile causes but imagine the potential and energy your team could harness if this were a daily occurrence. Handprint is the spark that will ignite the fuse for your business to grow in a regenerative economy

Your Business Can Regenerate, Innovate, Reserve, Rewild, and Restore

With the public domain making company profiles and statics readily available, the time to define and align with environmental policies is passed. Now, stakeholders and customers want to see action.

The Digital Sustainable Revolution is underlined in everything Handprint presents. We believe in shifting actions, behaviors, and attentions. In the past, company’s enforced the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Today, Handprint follows a regeneration ladder and replaces the 3Rs with Reserve, Rewild, and Restore. 


Regeneration goes “beyond sustainability and mitigating harm, to actively restoring and nurturing, creating conditions where ecosystems, economies, and people can flourish.” Handprint believes that increasing the currently protected nature reserves from 11% to 30% is not only possible but economically supported. 

This ladder step recognizes nature reservations belonging to indigenous tribes and provides ample space for nature to re-emerge. Reservation is how your corporate physical presence begins to plant new and less invasive roots. 


The next step is focusing on how teams can actively restore, and the easiest step is partnering with Handprint. Choose from various impact projects ranging from mangrove forest reforestation to clean water projects and plastic removal. To participate in this step, Handprint partners only need to join the movement, and the rest will join your daily routine. 

Handprint will always provide transparent reporting on how your project is doing and the reach your team has achieved. With this mindset, the world we are growing within becomes the planet we restore. 


The final stage of the regenerative ladder is the concept of rewilding. While many are still learning to interpret George Monbiot’s beautiful narrative, the highlighted focus is the removal of humans from nature. 

Acknowledging the damage we have done and the spaces we have taken and rewilding the earth to give back is not easy. We encourage our Handprint partnerships to be cognizant of the space they inhabit and respect spaces they should not be in. As Monbiot wrote, “Rewilding of the kind that interests me does not seek to control the natural world, to re-create a particular ecosystem or landscape, but – having brought back some of the missing species – to allow it to find its own way.”

What Is Your Company’s Handprint On The Future?

The time to grow your business in a regenerative economy is now. The future is bright, and the available opportunities are in abundance. Understanding the shifts happening in society and the physical landscape only benefit your company’s success. 

We encourage you to ignite innovation and turn profit into promises for a future we have actively contributed. With Handprint, abundance and regeneration are within your reach. Touch the future and feel the difference you can make with one click today. 

Handprint makes regeneration easy. Book a demo call today with Handprint to learn how to reserve, restore and rewild natural ecosystems.










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