Greening the ‘Net

by Prerna Pant

The Internet is responsible for 2% of global GHG emissions. What can be done to make it greener?
From individuals not hitting Reply All on emails or turning off Auto Play for videos, to data centres running on green energy and search engines giving back to the environment, host Prerna Pant looks at all the various ways we are Greening The ‘Net.



Forget Ecological Footprints: Handprint is facilitating a sustainability revolution

by Arturo Garcia

You’ve heard of the ‘ecological’ footprint you leave behind, now get ready to start having a far more positive impact with Handprint. This digital and green tech startup is setting its sights on fighting climate change by bridging the many gaps between climate-conscious consumers, companies, and the projects making real climate impacts happen around the world. A sustainability revolution.

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The Tech Talks Daily Podcast:
The Technology Making Every Business Climate Positive

by Neil C. Hughes

Mathias Boissonot, Co-founder and CEO at Handprint, shares his insights on how businesses can better integrate their sustainability investments into each consumer interaction. In the age of digital shareability, we also discuss how companies can leverage novel technologies to maximize the visibility of their sustainability initiatives to appeal to a social-media-savvy generation.



Singapore’s great green transition

by Audrey Tan, David Fogarty & Ernest Luis

The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change. In this episode, ST’s environment correspondent Audrey Tan and climate change editor David Fogarty host Singapore Management University assistant professor of strategic management Simon Schillebeeckx on what a “green recovery” from Covid-19 could look like for Singapore.



Digital green economy: How technology can help save the planet

by Mathias Boissonot

Four ways emerging digital technologies can be used to tackle climate change:
As the world enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we’re seeing the convergence of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) and their capacity to reshape entire industries.

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blockchain technology concept PEHGTVU


Simon Schillebeeckx on Key drivers for businesses to shift towards Digital Sustainability

by Yifeng Hou

Carbon emission reductions are intangible, difficult to quantify, and nearly impossible to claim ownership. Therefore it’s challenging for businesses to prove their carbon emissions are neutralized by the emission reduction resources like forests they invest in. Simon shared a very interesting solution to this challenge with a combination of modern digital tools, namely blockchain, machine learning, and satellites.


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