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Handprint Case Study:  ESG Strategy With Handprint Clients Seeking Regeneration

Snapshot of Handprint Imprint: Learn how Handprint helped Marex prioritise ESG strategy through daily mobile reporting and efficient internal campaigns. 

Who Is Marex?


Marex is a global financial services platform providing upfront investment, market access, and infrastructure services to their clients in the energy, commodities, and financial markets. They approached Handprint at the preliminary stages of developing a blue carbon credit project centred in Indonesia. 

Marex And Kumi Analytics Reporting Structure

Marex recognized their blue carbon credit project lacked accessible and transparent mobile reporting. This project was partnered with Kumi Analytics and would require a thorough evaluation of carbon stock and state change within mangrove reforestation in North Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Who Is Kumi Analytics?

Kumi Analytics

Kumi Analytics is a Singaporean-based information service company that tracks physical environmental changes through integrated satellite imagery. Kumi provides detailed analysis and carbon sequestration rates through machine learning technology.

Handprint Outreach And Solution

The current analysis of mangrove reforestation only occurred annually, which did not provide Marex or Kumi Analytics with the daily real-time continual communication and data they needed to attract potential buyers and investors. 

After Marex contacted Handprint, the solution was clear. We knew deploying our network and mobile reporting tools allowed instant access to the data Marex was seeking.

Handprint reporting tools allow Marex and investors access to time-stamped and geo-tagged images and videos from the mangrove reforestation, while Handprint patented technology easily pivots into a platform that simplifies carbon credit purchasing. 

Growing A Handprint In Real-Time

Regeneration trends 2023

Due to overwhelming success, Handprint registered as a commercial agent under the 001-OxC project with the S&P Global registry. Marex’s carbon credits have been purchased by SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre), and more buyers continue to connect with the project for future sales. 

Handprint delivered a nature-based solution to assist Marex with certified nature and carbon credit expansion. This partnership has guaranteed transparency to future carbon credit purveyors, and emotional engagement for marketing and brand development.

Handprint delivered a reporting system plus a complex supply chain network that guaranteed capital assets on the ground. 

The Key Takeaways

  1. Handprint develops nature-based solutions assisting in the creation of certified nature credits. The reporting tools provided increased transparency, frequency of reporting, and emotional engagement among Marex stakeholders and potential investors. 
  2. Handprint continues to build relationships that offer a complex supply chain network. Every system aligns with Handprints nature-positive values and preserves natural capital (i.e. timber, agro-food). A Handprint dedicated supply chain is highly trained and educated on delivering real-time data that will highlight the positive impacts happening.