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Our Vision: your brand is unique; so too should be your Handprint. This is why we select projects that support all the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From reforestation to safe water, from ocean health to gender equality, we scour the world to find teams and communities whose work truly aligns with your values.

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Thor Heyerdahl Climate Parks
Wateroam Kids
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We don’t make profit
on impact

As a social enterprise, Handprint is committed to bypassing intermediaries who eat up to 80% of sponsorship funds flowing to impact projects.

A minimum of 95% of every sponsorship dollar goes directly to communities on the field.

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Choose a project. Create a better world.

Yagasu Mangroves

Mangroves Reforestation


Yagasu logo

With Yagasu, we are:

  • Capturing up to 10x more carbon that terrestrial forests
  • Restoring & Protecting coastal ecosystems, on land and below water
  • Improving the livelihood of local communities

Project: East Java Green Shield North Island @Situbondo


Plastic removal


Seven Clean Seas Logo

With Seven Clean Seas, we are:

  • Diverting plastic pollution from the rivers & oceans
  • Protecting marine life
  • Recycling collected material or use it for waste-to-energy

Project: Ocean Plastic Haul @Bintan Archipelago

Doc Girls

Women empowerment


Daughters Of Cambodia Logo

With Daughters of Cambodia, we are:

  • Helping women and girls walk free of the sex trade and start a new life
  • Training for livelihoods full of dignity and a means to prosper
  • Aiding recovery with counselling, medical treatment, day care, and education

Project: Rescue a vulnerable girl

Wateroam Kids

Clean water


Water Roam Logo

With Wateroam, we are:

  • Providing clean water to refugees and Internally Displaced Personnel affected by civil unrest and war
  • Protecting children as well as vulnerable and marginalized populations from water-borne illnesses
  • Saving lives, transforming livelihoods and bringing smiles

Project: Saving Lives as we roam
with ROAMfilter Plus

Yakpi Mangrove Nursery

Mangroves reforestation


Yakopi Logo

With Yakopi, we are:

  • Restoring and rehabilitating forests in coastal areas
  • Supporting conservation and sustainable management of marine resources
  • Developing, managing and fostering local community businesses

Project: North Sumatra, Belawan Sicanang

Oxford Modern Primary School Biguli 18



Uganda Forever

With Oxford Modern, we are:

  • Providing high-quality affordable education for rural children
  • Increasing job employment by hiring more teachers and helpers
  • Enabling a generation of educated and self reliant citizens

Project: Kamwenge, Uganda

Livingseas Coral Restoration

Coral restoration


Livingseas Logo

With Living Seas, we are:

  • Restoring coral reefs
  • Protecting and restoring marine life
  • Training the local community to enable careers in conservation and scuba diving

Project: Padangbai, Bali

So how do we regenerate the planet?

1. Dollar to impact efficiency

We select projects for social & environmental efficiency. Mangroves, for instance, are hyper-efficient tools for sequestering carbon, combating climate change at very low cost. Mangroves are also incredibly important for local communities and a massive boon to biodiversity at the base of marine food webs.

2. Social/environmental justice

Our impact partners operate almost entirely in developing nations, while our clients are global. We are thrilled to help firms and communities around the world support work that fosters social & environmental justice and local resilience in a range of low income settings.

3. Science-backed

Our methodology is backed by strong science. We use proven algorithms for carbon calculations, and track impact where possible with remote sensing and machine learning. With our science partners, Global Mangrove Trust and Kumi Analytics, we’re working at the cutting edge of how to measure carbon absorption from space, driving change to make sustainability finance accessible to the humblest communities.

4. Transparency

We use a mobile app – Planter – to confirm delivery of all funds to the field.
We’ll soon be writing these deliveries a public blockchain as well, to allow auditors to track donation flows from anywhere on Earth. Next, we are building tools for project leaders to speak back straight to the community about developments on the ground. These peer-to-peer links open the black box of how sponsorship dollars translate to impact in the real world!

5. Ownership & Traceability

Your micro-contributions to shape a better planet belong immutably to you; they’re not just money  poured into a black box.
Your impact is quantified and remains traceable over time.

6. Independence

We’re developing a scoring system to measure impacts in terms of Carbon capture, Gender equality, Life on land, Life below water and Social improvement. And this is just the beginning!

How is your brand making a difference?

Go beyond neutrality and start regenerating ecosystems through the most impactful projects in the world.

Sustainability Versus Regeneration


What is a handprint?

You might already know what a Footprint is: the sum of all the negative impact we leave on the planet.

Well, a Handprint is the sum of all the actions you take to create a positive impact on the Earth – beyond just neutrality or compensation.

For instance, Handprint Tech enables actual carbon absorption from the atmosphere, which has more impact than only reducing the carbon emissions. And on top of it, our actions improve the livelihood of local villagers living by the mangroves reforestation areas.

What is the regenerative economy?

Currently the economy is principally extractive:

  • we extract resources (minerals, metals, fossil fuels) from the earth,
  • we pressure the biosphere (non-human life) through deforestation and unsustainable farming practices,
  • we pollute the oceans and the rivers with plastic and waste,
  • we emit all kinds of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that create planetary fever.

The regenerative economy seeks to restore the planet without long-term negative effects on the human life, its institutions, and its economic development.

How do I know where the money actually goes to?

We’re working hard to make everything as transparent as possible.
We’re using a public accounting system on the blockchain so you can actually track the cashflow.
Our collaborators at GMT have created an application that enables NGOs to confirm receipt of funds.

So while right now, we are not yet perfectly able to track:

  • your individual dollars,
  • the total cost of a project,
  • who the people are in the local community that are going to receive the funds,
  • when they receive payments.
Why regeneration is one of the best way to fight climate change?

There are three ways to fight climate change.

1. Reduce GHG emissions, which requires technological innovation and changes in global production and transportation

2. Reduce emissions by changing behaviour. This involves using less polluting resources, flying and driving less, eating differently, and throwing less away but also educating people and so on.

3. The third option is regeneration (which includes reservation, restoration, and rewilding). Regeneration focuses on increasing the carrying capacity of the earth to support human life as we know it. This means investing in reforestation, ocean cleanups, coral reefs, protecting wildlife, restoring our soils, and protecting endangered animals.

Regeneration is great because it typically also involves North-South transfers which will help in creating a more equitable, just world. It creates a lot of jobs, offers the potential for secondary economic development, and the majority of the gains are not going to already rich companies.

Go beyond sustainability: start to Regenerate.

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