Humans of Handprint: Meet Lisa Joesman, COO of IIF – Educating the Youth on Environment

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It’s often the individual threads that make the most compelling stories. Welcome to “Humans of Handprint,” a special segment dedicated to shining a spotlight on the incredible individuals who are the driving force behind Handprint’s impactful journey. As we delve into the lives, passions, and experiences of these remarkable people, we discover the heart and soul of our impact partners that thrive on the dedication and inspiration of its diverse team. 

Join us on this journey as we get to know the faces and voices that breathe life into Handprint’s mission, and witness firsthand the profound impact they have on the world.

Lisa Indah

In this chapter of HoH we sat with Lisa Joesman, Operations Manager at Indonesia Indah Foundation, while she shared with us her journey and experiences. 

Lisa Joesman

Lisa is the head of operations in Jakarta and is the non-profit secretary on the board. She is responsible for monitoring each program run well. These programs include implementation, manpower, licensing and preparation. As part of the board, she focuses on identifying the problems and finding the solutions. 

“I love being part of the board together with all the great people here.”

Lisa’s lifestyle has changed since joining IIF, from being more environmentally conscious to thinking long-term. She realised the decisions made today will affect the lives of children more. 

Before joining IIF, Lisa worked in the hospitality sector for 10 years. She began as a secretary in hospitality before becoming an organiser. Because of the skills she built, she knows how to deal with many parties. She feels it has made dealing with the government and investors easier. Lisa was 

also an environmental activist in Jakarta, which she continued on by joining IIF.

The Origin Story

IIF is a nonprofit foundation that works on environmental issues, education, mangrove conservation, and disaster relief. It originated from an annual cleanup activity which was named Jakarta Cleanup Day. This activity was organised by Angela Richardson in 2014 and they created IIF in 2018. The purpose of shifting from an activity into an organisation was to build  larger-scale and more consistent events that would make a difference. They wanted to take the cleanup nationally and the only way to do that would be to get the government on board. 

“This foundation was founded from our anxiety regarding the lack of knowledge and awareness about the environment!”

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Educating Youths

Indonesia Indah Foundation doesn’t only do cleanups, they also run education programs. A few years ago they highlighted the importance of educating the young as the environment would affect them the most. They have developed lessons that the teachers give about how to take care of the environment. The process of achieving this involved proposing in front of the Jakarta Education Agency. There was a long period where they were not given the trust to take action. They started with thirty schools in five regions, ranging from kindergarten to high school. Now they are in the process of submitting the program to the Ministry of Education who can make the program grow nationally. 

Creating the Education Program was not easy due to the stigmas that existed. The teachers wanted to stay with the programs they had and did not have much knowledge of environmental issues. They did not like someone coming in to tell them what to teach. Their goal has now shifted into changing the mindset of everyone in the country on environmental issues. 

Indah FoundationHandprint

IIF receives funding for their projects from Handprint and the government. They also collaborate with environmental activists for information on issues for the teachers. Their goal for the new year is to spread international, which they hope Handprint will help them achieve. 

“Thank god for Handprint. We are grateful to find them and for helping us spread our wings.”

To support them visit To learn more about our environmental partners, read about TRCC  and to learn more about partners with education programs read about ISF.