How to shop on the Sustainability High Street

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So you’ve decided you want your business to start supporting regenerative practices. You’ve heard great things about how not only are they good for the planet, but they’re also an amazing way to incentivise customers and an uplifting way to engage your workforce. 

And in comparison to carbon offsetting, regeneration is far more accessible and integrable. Anyone can do it – it’s not just for eco-friendly brands or companies making green products. You don’t have to be fixated by your footprint, you can focus on doing good. By connecting positive impact contributions to anything from sales figures, emails sent or even web visits, you’re building a system that rewards the planet in line with your own business success. 

Now the only hurdle is choosing your supplier. No one expects you to save the planet on your own and your bold idea is going to need a little bit of help to get up and running. A whole new B2B sector is developing to service this very need, and there are lots of providers to choose from. You have some shopping to do so you head to the *anecdotal* Sustainability High Street to check out what’s on offer. 


The Sustainability High Street

The first shop you spot sells one thing only – a carbon capture vacuum. That’s great as you need a little bit of carbon capture to cover your operating emissions, but it’s not very inspiring. You ask if they’ve got anything else. Unfortunately not. 

You decide to go into the second shop as you want something more regenerative. They’re selling nets that clean plastic from the ocean. You love this, and want to integrate plastic removal into your business somehow, perhaps removing a full net for every new customer. However they say no. These special nets can only be used when you make a sale to customers. They don’t have the ability to adapt their product to your needs. You leave. 

You’re getting a little tired as you enter the third shop. They tell you that they can tailor a product just for you. Intrigued, you survey their catalogue and decide you want to plant a tree for every new customer. They take your money and give you a picture of a tree. You come back the next day and ask if you can see your tree. They say no. It’s their tree. The money you have paid is going towards a good cause, but you do not own the item, nor do you have any ability to watch it grow. 

None of the shops on this imaginary high street are giving you what you want – inspiring, flexible and trackable products that are going to help you save the planet in a way that suits your business. 


Find flexible solutions 

Enter Handprint. Our mission is to help you integrate regenerative practices into your business in a way that works for you. We connect businesses to exciting projects across the world and help them track how their involvement benefits the planet over time.

At Handprint we allow you to be as inventive as you like. Our technology can be incorporated into any part of the consumer journey, connecting your positive impact contributions to sales, ad impressions, bookings, lead generations, website visitors, outgoing emails, ratings, and many more.

Don’t limit yourself. To find out more about how you can integrate regenerative projects into any part of your business and inspire your employees and customers, get in touch here.










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