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Install & go live

Install & launch your Handprint plugin within minutes.
You can further customise your plugin if you’d like to!


Choose an impact you care about

Your plugin will display your preferred way to change the world with every product you sell:

  • Remove CO2 by planting trees
  • Divert plastic from the oceans
  • Enable a packaging-free option
  • Give back a percentage of your sales
How It Works 2
How It Works 3


Track your handprint

Watch your impact grow over time: track evidence-based metrics that follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Share your regenerative actions

Our impact partners upload photos from the field right into your dashboard. Share them in a simple click!

How It Works 4

How much does it cost?

Customer: $0 💝



of customers consider companies should contribute to climate actions


of customers have a negative opinion about being asked to top-up for climate action without the participation of the company

Merchant: you decide! 💪

There’s a US $0.11 fee with every transaction. Choose how you want to contribute to save the 🌏:

  • 🌳 Absorb kg of CO2
  • 🌊 Remove kg of ocean plastic
  • 📦 Enable a packaging-free option
  • 💝 Give back a percentage of your sales


What is a handprint?

You might already know what a Footprint is: the sum of all the negative impact we leave on the planet.

Well, a Handprint is the sum of all the actions you take to create a positive impact on the Earth – beyond just neutrality or compensation.

For instance, Handprint Tech enables actual carbon absorption from the atmosphere, which has more impact than only reducing the carbon emissions. And on top of it, our actions improve the livelihood of local villagers living by the mangroves reforestation areas.

How do I know where the money actually goes to?

We’re working hard to make everything as transparent as possible.
We’re using a public accounting system on the blockchain so you can actually track the cashflow.
Our collaborators at GMT have created an application that enables NGOs to confirm receipt of funds.

So while right now, we are not yet perfectly able to track:

  • your individual dollars,
  • the total cost of a project,
  • who the people are in the local community that are going to receive the funds,
  • when they receive payments.
Can I get my customers to contribute to the positive impact too?

As for now, it’s not possible for your e-store customers to contribute with their own money to the impact projects. We’ll develop this capacity in the future, may it be a highly demanded feature.

How much does the Handprint plugin cost?

As a merchant, you will pay a USD 0.11 fee for each transaction that generates a micro-contribution to impact.
You can also add premium features for a monthly fee of $9 per feature.

What you’ll pay is what you commit to in terms of impact: for instance, if you pledge to allocate 1% of your revenue to a reforestation project, then this 1% will be charged and transferred to the organisation planting mangroves on the field.

Your customers pay $0, because we believe that it’s not fair for individuals to bear the responsibility for climate change alone. Instead, we give businesses the opportunity to actively regenerate the planet.

Will Handprint interfere with my current checkout process?

No, because the Handprint plugin shows in the Cart page – not at the Checkout process. Actually, it can improve conversion! When your customers see that your brand’s sustainable actions are aligned with their own values, they’ll more likely complete their purchase on your store.

Can I customize how the Handprint plugin looks in my shop?

Absolutely! In your Handprint Dashboard, go to your e-commerce plugin section and select:

  • Personalise my content to customise your text,
  • Style my plugin to change the size and colours of your widget.
Why Handprint?

With Handprint’s tools, businesses can finally customise sustainability impact:

  • We curate a large variety of projects they can choose from, from planting mangroves and restoring coral to removing plastic from oceans and educating children, to mention a few.
  • We offer bite-size sustainability, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to heal the planet. We make it accessible to companies on one side, with impact starting at 1 single tree, and to impact organisations on the other side, which can fund small scale projects usually ignored by big players.
  • We create peer-to-peer connections between our customers and the communities on the field. Photos and videos are shared from their villages directly into the Dashboard, ready to feed our users’ social media channels.
  • We cut down the number of intermediaries, so that more money goes to impact (while generally, up to 80% go to accreditation bodies for instance).
  • We allow our e-commerce customers to pause their contributions, to set a budget limit or to increase their impact in a simple click.

Go beyond sustainability: start to Regenerate.

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