Handprint Helps Clients Turn Events Into Regeneration

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Dentsu Creative and Lazada are two Handprint clients that wanted to include conferences and events in their evolved business sustainability strategy. With each r.s.v.p, both clients prove how engaging event participants through collective action results in a planet-positive impact.

Who Is Dentsu Creative?

“Modern Creativity Creates Culture” -Dentsu Creative

Dentsu Creative believes that modern creativity creates culture. They believe in radical collaboration and help their media clients bring imagination into reality. 

Dentsu Creative hired Handprint to bring regeneration onto the main stage of their massive 2022 conference. 

How Dentsu Creative Grows A Handprint

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The Problem: Can a conference invite also integrate regeneration and mangrove reforestation?

Dentsu Creative hosted the Dentsu Connect conference with an expected r.s.v.p list of 500 attendees. This invite-only event would welcome colleagues from a diverse spectrum of marketing and creative entrepreneurs. 

Sustainability is a vital cornerstone of Dentsu Creative, and they realized the potential of doing something for the planet with an event of this capacity. To determine which avenue of regeneration they should pursue, they polled their employees. Responses reflected a passion for planting trees, coral restoration, and ocean clean-ups. These results solidified working with Handprint and specializing in impact partnerships under those areas. The outcome was the regenerative origin of “Dentsu for Good.” 

Examining Real-Time Results

Dentsu Connect was a massive success, and attendees were thrilled that their r.s.v.p contributed to three planet-positive and regenerative partnerships. From this event, Dentsu Creative successfully:

  • Removed 6026 kg of plastic from the ocean with Handprint partner Sungai Watch
  • Planted 2808 coral fragments with Handprint partner Livingseas
  • Planted 2790 mangrove trees with Handprint partner Yakopi

Dentsu Creative brings their client’s imagination to life, and Handprint Technology brings regeneration into reality. When working with Handprint, we help clients realize that planet-positive actions exist every day and seamlessly incorporate them into systems, KPIs, or events. Growing a handprint for any business starts with inclusive and customized technology and generating results to prioritize regenerating the planet. 

Success Story#2 Who Is Lazada?

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“Setting The Pace For A Retail Revolution” – Lazada

Lazada Group was founded in 2012 and has grown to become Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform. Active in six countries, they provide customers with the largest e-commerce selection. With values that include setting the pace for a retail revolution, it became paramount to the brand that regeneration existed within its core values.

How Lazada Grows A Handprint

2022 marked the third year of LazMall Brands Future Forum (BFF). This trade event would bring together the region’s industry leaders and Lazada partners to exchange innovative ideas. This exchange and collaboration would enable brands and sellers to thrive and offer a differentiated retail experience in Southeast Asia.

While the first two years of BFF had in-person attendance, The Lazada Group wanted it to become a virtual event. This change was motivated by wanting to eliminate attendees’ carbon footprint. Connecting with Handprint Technology proved that BFF could be completed online and still grow a handprint using sustainable business solutions. 

Insights Generated By LazMall Forum

A 2021 report from Wunderman Thompson showed that consumers in Asia, the United States, and Europe, were looking for more brands to exceed their expectations. A company focus on planet-positive decisions is becoming more vital, and consumers want companies to prioritize carbon neutrality and planet regeneration.

Online events guaranteed a lower carbon footprint, but Lazada wanted clear numbers that indicated the difference. Each event attendee was tasked with filling out a survey to detail how they would have traveled to BFF. Once the surveys were filled, Lazada turned to Handprint for a quantitative solution. 

Promoting Regeneration & Connection

Handprint received Lazada’s attendee data and quantified the potential carbon footprint of in-person attendance. This result was the determining factor for Lazada’s following actions. 

  1. Making a direct contribution to a Handprint partner that removed ten times more carbon emissions than an in-person event. 
  2. Lazada also planted one mangrove tree per digital r.s.v.p.
  3. A total of 14,000 mangroves were planted with Handprint partner Yagasu in Situbondo, Indonesia. 

Regeneration trends 2023

The Key Takeaways

Lazada did not want to complete the bare minimum and match the expected carbon footprint from an in-person event. Their actions to remove ten times more carbon emissions than their event reflect commitment and develop consumer loyalty to their brand. 

Mangrove reforestation was selected by Lazada due to its impressive impact. Regenerative mangrove forestry contributes to building natural flood defenses while securing green shields for millions, and increasing the green lung capacity of our planet. 

While Dentsu Creative didn’t focus on one impact partnership, they enjoyed diversifying to provide their conference attendees options, forming the umbrella of “Dentsu For Good.”  Lazada had a sole dedication to mangrove reforestation, Dentsu Creative aligned with impact partners that removed plastic pollution, helped with reforestation and coral reconstruction. 

Are you hosting an event or conference? Are you looking for new ways to connect with clients or colleagues while keeping sustainability at the forefront of the agenda? At Handprint, we work with a large range of impact partners and invite you to discover them all and find which one makes regeneration easy for your team. Follow Dentsu Creative and Lazada’s example and reframe connection at conferences. With collective action we encourage you to seize the day and contact Handprint. 

We provide endless possibilities that will promote your business’ sustainability efforts and open the mind to new planet-positive strategies, all within your reach.