How To Develop A Sustainable ESG Strategy With Global FinTech Thunes

Regeneration trends 2023

Thunes is a FinTech company capable of seamless integration in the regenerative economy by achieving internal goals and keeping a sharp focus on growing a handprint. 

Thunes Regenerative Origins

Thunes’ regenerative economy is soaring and actively bringing cross-border payment platforms to every corner of the globe. Their CEO, Peter De Caluwe, knew partnering with Handprint aligned with Thunes mission of a “platform built on the vision of using technology to provide simplicity and access: we try to connect more places and communities, and our capabilities and globally connected teams put us in great stead to drive real forces of change.” 

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How Does Sustainability Integrate Within FinTech?

Thunes believes that the future of the planet is the responsibility of each and every individual and business. They launched their sustainability strategy called ‘Turning Transactions Into Actions’ to incorporate sustainability, responsibility, diversity, and equality with each click. This strategy connects Thune’s clients with Handprint impact partners around the world and goes beyond quantifying a footprint to focusing on growing a handprint.

Integrating a positive action in every transaction

By choosing Handprint Technology, Thunes has access to hundreds of planet-positive causes aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, and Thunes can select which ones resonate the most with their Sustainability strategy. This selection becomes a revolution as Thunes grows a handprint and makes a true difference in the world.

Thunes has teamed up with Handprint Tech to make a positive change and create a more sustainable future. This case study highlights three key areas of the Thunes and Handprint partnership: 

  1. Thunes growing a handprint with a sustainable ESG strategy
  2. Thunes engaging employees with Handprint impact partners
  3. Thunes and Handprint successfully creating a barrier-free payment platform where funds are allocated in real time to impact partners

Positive Impact

Thunes ESG Strategy: Working Inside-Out

Thunes recognizes that engaged employees equal happier and more productive team members. Sharing mission statements and values company-wide encourages the mindset of sustainability, diversity, and equality. 

Thunes wanted to include their employees in their Sustainability efforts by empowering their employees to act for the planet. Thunes is using key cultural dates in the calendar to involve its employees in their ESG strategy. Thunes continues to achieve this by providing impact vouchers for employees to select the project that resonates with them the most, purchase the positive impact, and grow their handprint.

Through this solution, Thunes can benefit from data such as redemption rates and which projects their employees prefer the most. This is a fantastic way to communicate your company’s ESG strategy and bring your sustainability goals beyond external stakeholders. Handprint makes it easy for businesses like Thunes to integrate positive actions into their business model by accessing and purchasing impact around the world. 

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Thunes Employees Engagment With Handprint Technology

Thunes commits to play a key role in the new regenerative economy through reforestation efforts, deciding to grow a handprint by planting 200,000 mangrove trees with impact partner Yakopi. Yakopi’s vision is to preserve and maintain coastal biodiversity by planting and restoring mangrove trees.

Yakopi’s reforestation programs increase biodiversity in the mangrove ecosystem by improving habitat, allowing it to be a breeding ground for fish, shrimps and crabs, including supporting an ecologically sound food chain, and the economy for traditional fishermen.

 “We’re very proud to be supporting Yakopi through Handprint to help plant mangrove trees, and to make our planet a better place.”says  Malini Kannan, Chief of Staff at Thunes. 

With Handprint, Thunes continues to run multiple campaigns throughout its internal and external engagement calendar.

Thunes And Handprint: Breaking Down Barriers

With a mission to connect the disconnected, Thunes platform ensures Handprint’s impact projects and community-based initiatives on the ground are receiving payouts and donations faster and more securely. 

When a company contributes to an impact cause through traditional donations, up to 80% of the contribution goes to intermediaries such as service cost of auditors, manual reporting and verification. Through Handprint’s technology, NGOs and Social Enterprises like Yakopi, can use the funds directly in the cause. 

In addition to handprint’s effectiveness, using Thunes payment platforms, Handprint reduces operational costs and cuts payment lead times. 


Thunes And Handprint Case Study Key Takeaways

  1. While Thunes is a FinTech corporation, sustainability and a regenerative economy are crucial to its ESG strategy. 
  2. Thunes is growing a handprint working with their selected impact partner, Yakopi, a non-profit organization based in North Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia, that easily aligned with Thunes to grow a handprint organically.
  3. Thunes leverages Handprint’s tools and product portfolio with internal stakeholders by engaging their employees in their sustainability efforts. 
  4. Thunes and Handprint share the foundational goal that the world is borderless regarding sustainability, equality, and responsible regeneration. 

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