Handprint’s Impact Platform: Our New Business Subscription Model


Say hello to Handprint’s Impact Platform!

A significant upgrade to our B2B platform that empowers companies to make a positive impact on the planet like never before.

With a revamped interface, new key engagement features, enhanced reporting, and impactful embedding capabilities, Handprint’s Impact Platform is designed to offer you a seamless and empowering experience in your journey towards regenerative sustainability.

Because planet positive action comes in all shapes and sizes, we are now introducing Handprint’s subscription plan. So companies of all sizes and industries can start their regenerative sustainability journey as they see fit!

What’s New?

Enhanced Impact Reporting

Our commitment to transparency and accountability is now even stronger with enhanced impact reporting. Track key metrics and follow project milestones, keeping you informed about the positive change you’re making. Dive deep into detailed reports that provide a comprehensive breakdown of how your contributions are truly regenerating the planet at scale.

Stakeholder Engagement Features

Discover a suite of powerful engagement features aimed at enriching your experience on Handprint, all ready to be integrated in any of your digital touchpoints:

  • Stories, Pictures, and Videos: Immerse yourself in the real-world impact stories of projects you’re supporting. Dive into vivid visuals and captivating narratives that showcase the tangible difference you’re making.
  • Impact Project Scorecard: Get a comprehensive overview of a scientific assessment of a project performance and impact in a local context. Act where it matters the most.
  • Geolocation Map: See where your contributions are making a difference on an interactive map that highlights project locations.
  • Dynamic Real-time Impact Counter: Witness the collective impact grow with a dynamic counter that updates in real-time. Every action you take contributes to the ever-increasing count of positive change. Add multi badge
  • Embedded Project Stories: Share the inspiring impact stories directly with your audience. Our new embedding capabilities allow you to integrate project stories seamlessly into any digital touchpoint, extending the reach of your impact efforts.

What’s the difference between the Free Plan versus Premium Subscription?

Free Plan

The Free Plan is for those looking to immediately take planet action, reverse the effects of climate change, by supporting high quality and verified impact projects. With the Free Plan, companies can seamlessly purchase a unit of impact of the project of their choice and access limited data and visualization tools to monitor their impact.

Premium Subscription Plan

For those looking for full transparency on their impact, the Premium Plan supports advanced impact data visualizations and content to improve the quality and frequency of corporate sustainability reporting.  Additionally, all team members can access frequent content such as photos and videos to strengthen their regenerative sustainability story. These unique impact stories are perfect for Marketing & Communication teams, so that they can build their regenerative sustainability communication with confidence. to support better sustainability reporting.  frequent content and support to build strong PR, brand identity, and individual stakeholder engagement to generate a business ROI. 

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Why go Premium?

  • Get unlimited access to photos, videos, before & after photos, community interviews, stories, guidelines and more. The content allows you to build a stronger sustainability story with proof points for all your claims, helping you avoid the greenwashing trap. 
  • Showcase your impact using Impact Data Visualizations like counters, widgets and maps creates engagement in your digital platforms. Your audience can see the good you are doing, keeps them engaged, and create collective action around your impact. 
  • Embed your impact in any digital platform of your choice. Using the Handprint’s API, you can fetch any content of your choice and automate your impact reporting in any digital experience. 
  • Be the first to access Handprint’s tools by trying new Beta features. We are about to launch new impact visualization tools and benchmarks that you can use and provide feedback, helping us shape the future of the planet. 
  • Elevate your regenerative sustainability strategy to the next level by consulting directly with Dr. Simon Schillebeeckx and Dr. Ryan Merril, the two experts who discovered winning formula for sustainable business growth. 



How it works?

It’s easy peasy. You just need to create an account with your business email address to access Handprint’s Impact Platform. If you’d like to upgrade your impact to Premium, you can do so directly in your profile. 

Ready to grow your business with the planet? 

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