FedEx Forges Strategic Partnership with Handprint to Drive Sustainability in the APAC Region

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(Singapore, 22nd April, 2024): FedEx, a global leader in logistics, is proud to announce its pledge to enhance sustainability efforts in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region through a strategic partnership with Handprint. 

As part of this commitment, FedEx seeks to incentivize its APAC customers to utilize its FedEx Sustainability Initiative (FSI) to increase awareness of their carbon emissions associated with FedEx services. To encourage the use of this free assessment tool, FedEx will reward customers with Impact Vouchers. 


Fedex and Handprint partnership


 Why Impact Vouchers?

Organizations today are looking for gifting options that are more sustainable to satisfy a  growing segment that demands for purpose. 

Handprint’s Impact Voucher System provides a unique opportunity for companies to understand and cater to their employees’ concerns and passions. 

By offering Impact Vouchers in a Rewards program,  companies can gauge what causes and initiatives resonate most with their recipients, informing their sustainability efforts  and demonstrating a genuine commitment to shared values.

As people redeem their vouchers, they become agents of change, actively participating in projects that address pressing global challenges. With each bought voucher, brands send a powerful message: we are involved in solutions that make a meaningful impact and we trust our employees to support us in this work.


Impact vouchers

The Solution

Handprint has created a bespoke Impact Voucher redemption page featuring 9 impact projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including reforestation, biodiversity preservation efforts, coral restoration, clean water access, plastic collection, and more.

By leveraging Handprint, FedEx is increasing awareness of each individual’s footprint and enabling them to grow a handprint – the sum of positive positive impact.


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Expected Outcomes

The partnership between FedEx and Handprint, utilizing impact vouchers, is poised to bring about significant outcomes in various domains.

Collective Action – With each bought voucher, FedEx sends a powerful message: we are involved in solutions that make a meaningful impact and we trust our clients to support us in this work.

Engagement – Handprint vouchers nurtures customer engagement and loyalty. When they feel actively involved in FedEx Sustainability efforts, they experience a deeper sense of purpose, fostering a stronger connection to the company’s values and goals.

Loyalty – As customers redeem their vouchers, they can share images of their impact on social media, showcasing their commitment to the planet. This visibility will enable FedEx to leverage customer advocacy and garner attention for their corporate sustainability activities.


Mathias Boissonot, CEO of Handprint, says

“We are delighted to partner with FedEx as they connect millions of people every day. They have the power to actively restore nature, improve biodiversity, and protect people. Our platform will enable them to enrich their CSR initiatives, making it easier for them to make a tangible difference on our Planet”


Ready to unlock your impact potential? 

Join us in creating a sustainable future, one voucher at a time. 

Together, we can make a lasting impact, engage stakeholders, and build a reputation that reflects your company’s commitment to a better world.