handprint FAQ

Handprint isn’t just our brand name!

A handprint is actually the sum of all the actions you take to create a positive impact on the Earth. It’s the trees you’ve planted, the times you recycled plastic, the ocean cleanups you’ve volunteered in, and more!

It’s the opposite of footprint, which is what people often make a tally of.

The reason why we’re focusing on handprint is because we’d like to help you go beyond just neutrality or compensation.

Simple: We give businesses the ability to finally customise their sustainability impact!

With Handprint, you can:
– Choose from a variety of impact projects and support the initiatives that truly align with your company’s values.
– Experience bite-size sustainability. You don’t have to break the bank to heal the planet. We make it accessible to companies on one side, with impact starting with a single tree, and to impact organisations on the other side, which can fund small scale projects usually ignored by big players.
– Get direct access to the communities on the field through photos and videos uploaded by Project Managers through the Impact Stories feature. (Best part: You can re-share these photos to inspire your customers!)
– Expect that your money will go directly to impacting your chosen communities. It’s our mission to cut down on intermediaries and since carbon credit companies need to go through a certification body, less money usually goes to impact.

If you’d like to learn more about each feature, you can book a live demo here.

Your credit card will be automatically billed whenever you make an impact through your contributions. This means less hassle for you as you avoid manual monthly transfers. And no need to worry about your data. We don’t store it, Stripe does.

No problem. Your Serial Key will be stored in your Handprint Dashboard. Check your Profile → Account → Company Profile box.

We take 0 commission on impact.
Yup, you read it right. What we bill to our impact partners – not our customers – is a fee of maximum 5%. This covers the necessary operations such as setting up automated billing processes. Whenever the fee is below 5%, the remaining money is used to fund projects.
Cutting down the number of intermediaries is one of our major pillars. More money directly goes to impact this way, increasing the level of transparency for both our customers and our partners.

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