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Handprint helps you grow with the planet and become the sustainable business your clients expect, without investing thousands of hours and blowing your budget. We can seamlessly integrate environmental & social impact to any business operation to ensure automated positive impact.

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Investors and clients are voting with their wallets. They want local, ethical, sustainable. How can you turn it into a key revenue driver?

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Automate, Integrate, Regenerate

Handprint builds ROI-positive sustainability strategies. Our tech connects real-time impact with your core OKRs. We curate a global portfolio of NGOs working on UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

How it works

in just a few steps

calculate your regenerative target

Calculate your Regenerative Target

Forget about your carbon footprint, because corporate neutrality is a myth. Instead, ask yourself how much you could do to restore natural ecosystems and start healing the planet?

Get an estimation with our calculator, based on the consumption patterns your company enables: industry, workforce, payroll…


Automate Regeneration

Integrate Regeneration into any business operations:

  • volume KPIs
  • employees KPIs
  • ride hailing app
  • food delivery app
  • offline retail…
automate regeneration
track and share your off setting

Track and Share

Improve your brand image and engage your customers on positive actions:

  • Show dynamic, quasi-real time data
  • Customise your impact banners
  • Receive photos from the ground and post them on social media in a click

Choose the impact you want to make on the world 🌏

plastic offset
Plastic offset
social justice
Social justice
clean water
Clean water
coral reforestation
Coral Restoration
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